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From Dominik Riemer <>
Subject Re: Some things I noticed ...
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2019 16:23:38 GMT
Hi Chris,

thanks for your feedback!
1) should be improved after the next release, as there will be an SP_DEBUG env variable that
can be used in development mode. No further changes related to the hostname should be required
2) is harder to implement, as we match the output of an event against the requirements of
a processor and therefore cannot easily handle dynamic events. But let's discuss ways how
to address this ;-)
3) is something we absolutely need to address in the near future, fully agree!


On 2019/11/22 08:57:38, Christofer Dutz <> wrote: 
> Hi all,
> I just want to bring to the list some things I noticed, which could be worth finding
a solution for as this could ease new developers start working with SP.
>   1.  If I develop any component, the declareModel method defines the configuration of
this component. The first time it is used the settings are stored in Consul and loaded the
next time. However if I change the structure of the settings, this is not detected or handled.
I have to manually update/delete the settings in consul. I think it shouldn’t be difficult
to check if the structure is equal/similar and to react on changes (remove now obsolete settings,
redefine settings that have changed in their configuration, add new settings)
>   2.  It would be great if it was possible to pass events with properties that are not
explicitly defined. In addition a processor would be good that can enrich an event by upgrading
undeclared event properties to declared ones (Hope you understand what I mean)
>   3.  If I configure a dashboard and customize that (size and position of the elements,
order and size of columns) and I go to another page and come back, the settings are gone again.
It would be great (and pretty important) to save such customizations.
> Chris

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