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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Website Migration / Non-Apache releases
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2019 22:33:57 GMT

Generally that should work. 
However pushing to the "asf-site" branch is only possible on the nodes labeled with 'git-websites'

Just keep that in mind.


Am 18.11.19, 22:54 schrieb "Dominik Riemer" <>:

    The new website will integrate the content from the homepage ( and the
docs (
    Both sites need to be built with npm:
    * I'm currently rewriting the homepage to a harp.js site which will compile the ejs-based
content to plain html files
    * The docs are based on Docusaurus and also result in plain html files after compiling
the source.
    * After both sites are built, they can be merged into a single directory, where the root
folder contains the website elements and a docs folder contains the documentation.
    We would then need a Jenkins job that first builds the website, then the documentation
and afterwards merges both "compiled" folders to a single directory and pushes it to the asf-site
    This should work, right?
    The new website is almost ready and I'm quite sure that the code grant will be signed
by tomorrow, so it'll be the first thing we'll probably commit to the new git repos ;-)
    @Justin: Thanks for the link, yes, we'll rename our Docker hub account and also do the
other stuff explained there, the same probably also applies to our Twitter account (although
not related to releases but to brand management).
    On 2019/11/18 14:04:47, Christofer Dutz <> wrote: 
    > By the way ... what are you building your website with?
    > Are you editing the html, javascript, css etc. manually or are is there some sort
of build involved?
    > If it's pure "HTML-Programming" (Couldn’t make the double quotes bigger and fatter)
you probably don't need to do anything.
    > If you're compiling/transpiling something. 
    > Usually you would commit the result to a detached git branch called "asf-site" branch
for the ASF tooling to automatically update the website.
    > But I can help you with all of this.
    > Chris
    > Am 18.11.19, 10:54 schrieb "Dominik Riemer" <>:
    >     Hi Justin,
    >     thanks, that sounds good!
    >     Our recommended installation includes an installation script and convenience
Docker images on Docker Hub. The script basically generates a Docker-Compose file and downloads
the images from Docker Hub. We would also clearly mark the non-apache releases in the README
on Docker Hub. 
    >     Besides Docker Hub, binary releases are currently available on Maven Central
(under org.streampipes coordinates)
    >     Dominik
    >     -----Original Message-----
    >     From: Justin Mclean <> 
    >     Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2019 11:05 PM
    >     To:
    >     Subject: Re: Website Migration / Non-Apache releases
    >     Hi,
    >     > I don't think that you have to remove the references. But you have to make
it clearly visible that these are NOT Apache Releases.
    >     Yes just as long as they are clearly marked as non Apache releases all is good.
Are the releases available anywhere else?
    >     Thanks,
    >     Justin

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