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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Podling Name Search / Logo
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2019 13:26:22 GMT
Öhm ... yes it does ... 

I could have sworn that I had a look at the issue and it was just a more or less empty one.

Perhaps I had a look when it was created and content was filled after that and I just remembered
to write an email when I'm back in the office ...

So just ignore what I said ... all ok the way it is.


Am 25.11.19, 11:20 schrieb "Dominik Riemer" <>:

    Hi Chris,
    thanks for looking at the ticket!
    I'm just wondering what exactly is missing?
    The section "Evidence of Open Source adoption" lists search results for sourceforge, github,
google code and ohloh, the "evidence of registration" lists trademark searches in USPTO, Trademarkia
and WIPO and the "evidence of use on world wide web" discusses findings on Google and Bing.
    Are more details needed besides the results? I tried to not "conclude" anything as the
guidelines said only facts should be provided.l
    On 2019/11/25 09:03:29, Christofer Dutz <> wrote: 
    > Hi Dominik,
    > I would suggest you add to your Jira issues some details:
    > - Mention you checked the 4 trademark registries for a registration with this name
    > - Provide the results of you checking the usage of the name on github, sourceforge,
    > - Provide the results of a normal google search for the name to prove that it's not
overly used in multiple ways, not used by any other project and generally protectable.
    > The namesearch should have as a result that:
    > - The name is not a registered trademark
    > - The name is not used by multiple projects (Hereby the ASF could not enforce the
name as an implicit trademark) (Protecting "Apache Wombat" would not be possible as it's to
commonly used ... even in the IT sector (Ask Justin about that))
    > The more information you provide, the sooner the search is finished and the results
are official.
    > Chris
    > Am 24.11.19, 23:08 schrieb "Dominik Riemer" <>:
    >     Hi all,
    >     thanks!
    >     So I just conducted the name search and filed a ticket in Jira:
    >     It seems there are good chances that the name will be accepted :-)
    >     It would be great if you could have a look and provide any feedback or things
I've missed!
    >     Dominik
    >     On 2019/11/19 21:13:18, Christofer Dutz <> wrote:

    >     > Hi Dominik,
    >     > 
    >     > I for my part would highly suggest to do it early.
    >     > 
    >     > If you have a look at the Apache Edgent project, you will find lots of material
mentioning Quarks (Which was the original name).
    >     > The later the change (if the name-search would fail) the more needs to be
changed. The later the change the better established the first one was.
    >     > 
    >     > So from my side a big +1 to do it really early.
    >     > 
    >     > Chris
    >     > 
    >     > Am 19.11.19, 21:50 schrieb "Dominik Riemer" <>:
    >     > 
    >     >     Hi all,
    >     >     
    >     >     is there anything that prevents us from starting a podling name search
right now at this early stage?
    >     >     If you agree, I'd create a ticket in JIRA and conduct the name search.
    >     >     
    >     >     In parallel, we would also ask our media department at FZI to create
some proposals for the new Apache StreamPipes logo, which we can discuss on the list afterwards.
    >     >     
    >     >     Dominik
    >     >     
    >     > 
    >     > 

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