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From Dominik Riemer <>
Subject Transition of StreamPipes to Apache
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2019 22:23:28 GMT

so after most of the infrastructure already seems to be in place, I guess it's our task to
move the existing codebase to Apache...just want all of you to know what we're currently working

* The documents required to move the codebase (CCLA and software grant) are currently in the
process of signing at FZI and should be ready within one week.
* In the meanwhile, we plan to do one last pre-Apache release during the weekend or early
next week so that there is no pressure in preparing everything later for the first Apache
release - I know that Chris is waiting for some features to be released ;-) 
* Afterwards, we'll merge the existing repos to the new repo structure as described in the
* Then, we'll add someone from infra as an admin to our current github organization, so that
the repos can be moved to Apache without losing forks & stars
* And then we plan to change the website and publish a first version to

One more comment: Philipp, Patrick, Johannes and I are really glad to have so many Apache-experienced
mentors on board - so if you have any feedback, comments or in case you think there's something
wrong or could be done better regarding this process, community work or anything else, let
us know :-)


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