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Message listThread · Author · Date [incubator-streampipes-website] branch asf-site updated: Automated deployment: Wed Sep 15 14:56:19 UTC 2021 2eb79e1a97a31b2740201b9bce0d723ce2de0c90 Wed, 15 Sep, 14:56 [incubator-streampipes-website] branch asf-site updated: Automated deployment: Sat Sep 18 12:56:34 UTC 2021 b1be19e3a9a32e3076561d536a155d12a4246771 Sat, 18 Sep, 12:56 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (f935fd9 -> 7402de5) Sun, 05 Sep, 20:56 [incubator-streampipes] 01/02: [STREAMPIPES-402] Separate data configuration from visualization config Sun, 05 Sep, 20:57 [incubator-streampipes] 02/02: Merge branch 'dev' of into dev Sun, 05 Sep, 20:57 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-423] Add more flexible language support to CodeInput static property Sun, 05 Sep, 21:35 [incubator-streampipes-examples] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-423] Add python code input example Sun, 05 Sep, 21:36 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Add missing license header Sun, 05 Sep, 21:51 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Modify build instructions for UI Thu, 09 Sep, 17:11 [incubator-streampipes-website] branch dev updated: Add migration guide for new service discovery Wed, 15 Sep, 14:44 [incubator-streampipes-website] branch master updated (cd26be7 -> 2eb79e1) Wed, 15 Sep, 14:45 [incubator-streampipes-website] branch dev updated: Change ASF download link Sat, 18 Sep, 12:44 [incubator-streampipes-website] branch master updated (2eb79e1 -> b1be19e) Sat, 18 Sep, 12:45 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Properly update time for dynamic selections in data explorer Mon, 20 Sep, 21:21 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-402] Auto-select fields in visualization config Tue, 21 Sep, 11:48 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-402] Display selectable fields in visConfig as listt Tue, 21 Sep, 12:29 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-402] Minor cleanup Tue, 21 Sep, 13:14 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-402] Fix bug in auto aggregation Tue, 21 Sep, 14:31 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (39ba382 -> 60b6836) Tue, 21 Sep, 19:17 [incubator-streampipes] 01/03: [hotfix] Minor cleanup Tue, 21 Sep, 19:17 [incubator-streampipes] 02/03: [STREAMPIPES-402] Highlight currently edited widget Tue, 21 Sep, 19:17 [incubator-streampipes] 03/03: [STREAMPIPES-402] Show loading time for widgets Tue, 21 Sep, 19:17 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (60b6836 -> 63938ea) Wed, 22 Sep, 12:48 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (63938ea -> 8124c21) Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 01/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Add streampipes-rest-core-base module, extract AuthGuardedResource to separate module, refactor pipeline API Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 02/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify path of category and remote options resource Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 03/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Remove obsolete CouchDB resource Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 04/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of deployment resource and extensions resource Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 05/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of dashboard and measurement unit resources Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 06/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of notifications and pipeline cache resources Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 07/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of file resource Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 08/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of pipeline element import, preview and monitoring resources Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 09/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of pipeline template resource Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 10/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of pipeline element resources Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 11/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Remove virtual sensor resource Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] 12/12: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of StreamPipes connect resources Fri, 24 Sep, 13:26 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-427] Fix some resource path issues Fri, 24 Sep, 13:49 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-427] Modify paths of data explorer resources Fri, 24 Sep, 14:28 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Add username to adapter description Mon, 27 Sep, 11:24 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-422] Fix chart update of word cloud widget on new events Wed, 01 Sep, 19:58 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] Only store timestamp once in data lake Thu, 02 Sep, 21:15 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] Remove time property when storing event in data lake Fri, 03 Sep, 15:46 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STRAMPIPES-79] Add e2e tests for datalake configuration Mon, 06 Sep, 08:51 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-402] Create component for visualisation settings Mon, 06 Sep, 19:49 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] Remove timestamp field from events in data lake sink Thu, 09 Sep, 19:59 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] Exchange event schema for pipelines in the ui Sat, 11 Sep, 21:58 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] Always show timestamp in table visualisationreact-particles-js Mon, 13 Sep, 08:55 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] Datalake index can now be deleted when pipeline is stopped Thu, 16 Sep, 13:06 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREMPIPES-79] Enable strings in the history chart Thu, 16 Sep, 13:58 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPS-79] Fix transparent header in data lake table view Thu, 16 Sep, 14:33 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] Add start edit mode in widget view Thu, 16 Sep, 14:51 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (40a73cb -> 44e4130) Mon, 20 Sep, 15:03 [incubator-streampipes] 01/03: [hotfix] Fix code style in adatper start dialog Mon, 20 Sep, 15:03 [incubator-streampipes] 02/03: [STREAMPIPES-79] Set default widget name Mon, 20 Sep, 15:03 [incubator-streampipes] 03/03: [STREAMPIPES-424] ISS adapter is broken Mon, 20 Sep, 15:03 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Fix UI build Tue, 21 Sep, 12:58 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (822e5c7 -> dc49f5d) Fri, 24 Sep, 14:11 [incubator-streampipes] 01/02: [STREAMPIPS-79] Add group by to data lake API Fri, 24 Sep, 14:11 [incubator-streampipes] 02/02: Merge branch 'dev' of into dev Fri, 24 Sep, 14:11 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Change enum to string Mon, 27 Sep, 07:48 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (01d5be7 -> aa4ebc4) Mon, 27 Sep, 08:05 [incubator-streampipes] 01/01: [STREAMPIPES-428] Add map widget to data explorer Mon, 27 Sep, 08:05 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-428] Update data explorer map widget to new API Mon, 27 Sep, 08:36 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Change enum to string in datalake sink Mon, 27 Sep, 14:25 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] update route for resovlable configurations Tue, 28 Sep, 11:32 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-432 created (now c2c2b9d) Wed, 29 Sep, 13:09 [incubator-streampipes] 01/01: Activate option to store adapter events to datalake in ui Wed, 29 Sep, 13:09 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Fix view to display amount of events in datalake Wed, 29 Sep, 13:33 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Remove some old code for perfomance tests Wed, 29 Sep, 18:44 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-432 updated (c2c2b9d -> d30f659) Wed, 29 Sep, 20:38 [incubator-streampipes] 01/02: Merge branch 'dev' into STREAMPIPES-432 Wed, 29 Sep, 20:38 [incubator-streampipes] 02/02: First working version of the data lake pipeline template Wed, 29 Sep, 20:38 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-432 updated: Add builder for pipeline invocations Thu, 30 Sep, 09:04 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Update rest routes in cypress tests Thu, 30 Sep, 09:08 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-432 updated (7a511aa -> 5ceef39) Thu, 30 Sep, 09:42 [incubator-streampipes] 01/02: Merge branch 'dev' into STREAMPIPES-432 Thu, 30 Sep, 09:42 [incubator-streampipes] 02/02: Add cypress test to validate save to data lake option Thu, 30 Sep, 09:42 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Fix lining errors in pipeline dialogs Thu, 30 Sep, 09:59 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-432 updated (5ceef39 -> 6798f79) Thu, 30 Sep, 12:34 [incubator-streampipes] 01/02: Merge branch 'dev' into STREAMPIPES-432 Thu, 30 Sep, 12:34 [incubator-streampipes] 02/02: [STREAMPIPES-432] Add started pipeline confirmation to adapter starting dialog Thu, 30 Sep, 12:34 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (b657317 -> 6798f79) Thu, 30 Sep, 12:37 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Add missing header to generated model file Thu, 30 Sep, 12:47 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [hotfix] Fix typo in http route Thu, 30 Sep, 14:47
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