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Message list1 · 2 · Next »Thread · Author · Date [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-9 Remove dependency to kafka-rest Sun, 01 Mar, 10:15 [incubator-streampipes-installer] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-9 Remove dependency to kafka-rest Sun, 01 Mar, 10:33 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated (9416aaf -> dc7a591) Sun, 01 Mar, 12:11 [incubator-streampipes] 01/01: Merge branch 'dev' into STREAMPIPES-79 Sun, 01 Mar, 12:11 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-100: Remove iconUrl option from pipeline element builder Sun, 01 Mar, 14:12 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-100: Remove iconUrl option from pipeline element builder Sun, 01 Mar, 14:13 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Store and load widgets in dashboard views Sun, 01 Mar, 17:05 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-84: Fix links on info page Sun, 01 Mar, 21:28 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-83: Fix bug in FeedbackController Sun, 01 Mar, 21:33 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-90: Fix bug that prevented pipeline categories to be persisted Sun, 01 Mar, 21:59 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-92: Disable log button until feature is implemented Sun, 01 Mar, 22:01 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: [STREAMPIPES-94] dashboard requires a name Mon, 02 Mar, 10:59 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Add time selector component Mon, 02 Mar, 13:55 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Add a second widget type for a line chart Tue, 03 Mar, 09:26 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: First draft of table works now Tue, 03 Mar, 14:01 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-86: Improve validation of pipelines Tue, 03 Mar, 21:23 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-85: Cached pipelines are rendered correctly Tue, 03 Mar, 21:43 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-87: Password field uses full width Tue, 03 Mar, 21:52 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-89: Display status message after modification of pipelines Tue, 03 Mar, 22:11 [incubator-streampipes] branch image-labeling updated: [STREAMPIPES-78] add mockup rest endpoints to get image, mock saving after changes Thu, 05 Mar, 12:03 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Colums of table are now selectable Thu, 05 Mar, 12:34 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Widgets can now be deleted Thu, 05 Mar, 12:47 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-58: Dashboard overview allows to directly edit dashboards Thu, 05 Mar, 22:08 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] fix table scrolling Fri, 06 Mar, 08:30 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Working on line chart Fri, 06 Mar, 08:58 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] select 'custom' button if user set a custom daterange Fri, 06 Mar, 10:07 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] try to serialize 'datalkemeasure' as jsonld Fri, 06 Mar, 12:04 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Serialize DataLakeMeasures as JSON-LD Fri, 06 Mar, 16:32 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-58: Add map widget Fri, 06 Mar, 23:31 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Create components for loading spinner and no data Sat, 07 Mar, 08:44 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-58: Add raw widget Sat, 07 Mar, 08:48 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-58: Add HTML widget Sat, 07 Mar, 09:09 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-58: Add traffic light widget Sat, 07 Mar, 14:34 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Use node version 13.x in build process Sat, 07 Mar, 15:09 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: Fix null pointer domain proerty check Sat, 07 Mar, 15:40 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Fix data set adapters Sat, 07 Mar, 16:37 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Clean NPM cache in workflow file Sat, 07 Mar, 17:10 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated (cc48912 -> a3e1d51) Sat, 07 Mar, 17:15 [incubator-streampipes] 01/02: Working on line chart Sat, 07 Mar, 17:15 [incubator-streampipes] 02/02: Add spinner and info text when no data to line chart Sat, 07 Mar, 17:15 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Clean NPM cache in workflow file Sat, 07 Mar, 17:17 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (bea2425 -> cc2e25c) Sat, 07 Mar, 21:34 [incubator-streampipes] 01/04: STREAMPIPES-58: Improve layout of AddVisualization dialog Sat, 07 Mar, 21:34 [incubator-streampipes] 02/04: Remove old Angular1 dashboard Sat, 07 Mar, 21:34 [incubator-streampipes] 03/04: Move dashboardv2 module to dashboard directory Sat, 07 Mar, 21:34 [incubator-streampipes] 04/04: Upgrade Angular version Sat, 07 Mar, 21:34 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Disable ES5 build to fix build issue Sun, 08 Mar, 21:05 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-95: Add support for standalone dashboards Sun, 08 Mar, 22:45 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-91: Update pipeline in QuickEdit view Sun, 08 Mar, 22:57 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Working on new data explorer Mon, 09 Mar, 10:33 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-96: Consider schema requirements in widget selection Mon, 09 Mar, 21:11 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-98: Improve validation of dashboard widget settings Mon, 09 Mar, 22:53 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: Add ISS adapter Tue, 10 Mar, 07:16 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: Remove polling interval from iss controller Tue, 10 Mar, 11:15 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Fix create new adapters Tue, 10 Mar, 14:09 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Change type check in adapter creation Tue, 10 Mar, 16:51 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated (25ed819 -> 7547f86) Thu, 12 Mar, 20:47 [incubator-streampipes] 01/04: Merge branch 'dev' into STREAMPIPES-79 Thu, 12 Mar, 20:47 [incubator-streampipes] 02/04: Working on data explorer Thu, 12 Mar, 20:47 [incubator-streampipes] 03/04: Select runtime names from event schema Thu, 12 Mar, 20:47 [incubator-streampipes] 04/04: Add component for property selector Thu, 12 Mar, 20:47 [incubator-streampipes] branch image-labeling updated: [STREAMPIPES-79] big refactor using konvasjs to drav; add brush labeling Fri, 13 Mar, 15:42 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (5be3b76 -> fd8bba6) Mon, 16 Mar, 12:31 [incubator-streampipes] 01/03: Refactor NotificationsModule to Angular 9 module Mon, 16 Mar, 12:31 [incubator-streampipes] 02/03: Fix layout of dashboard component Mon, 16 Mar, 12:31 [incubator-streampipes] 03/03: Merge branch 'dev' of into dev Mon, 16 Mar, 12:31 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: Modify NotificationProducer Mon, 16 Mar, 12:52 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Fix bug in build file of UI Mon, 16 Mar, 14:04 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Use event schema to show available properties Mon, 16 Mar, 15:58 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Add query to sort notifications by timestamp Mon, 16 Mar, 19:44 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Create new CouchDB view at installation time Mon, 16 Mar, 19:46 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Improve iconbar behaviour Mon, 16 Mar, 21:11 [incubator-streampipes] branch STREAMPIPES-79 updated: Change select keys to select properties to display timestamp in table Mon, 16 Mar, 21:52 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Modify notification topic Tue, 17 Mar, 13:22 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-56 Password field in postgres sink is not markes as a password Tue, 17 Mar, 20:35 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: Update NETIO adapters Tue, 17 Mar, 21:17 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Update unread notifications in iconbar Tue, 17 Mar, 21:17 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-56: Use explicit annotation in SecretStaticProperty Tue, 17 Mar, 21:28 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated (c0580c1 -> 0f610d6) Wed, 18 Mar, 21:43 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] 01/03: STREAMPIPES-64: REST pull adapter exception Wed, 18 Mar, 21:44 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] 02/03: STREAMPIPES-101 Error in Datalake sink if upper case letters are included in runtime names Wed, 18 Mar, 21:44 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] 03/03: Merge branch 'dev' of into dev Wed, 18 Mar, 21:44 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Fix date picker in data explorer Wed, 18 Mar, 21:49 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Add pick-date to package.json Thu, 19 Mar, 09:56 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated (a475f4d -> 2ebe46a) Thu, 19 Mar, 12:13 [incubator-streampipes] 01/03: Modify SecretsController Thu, 19 Mar, 12:13 [incubator-streampipes] 02/03: Merge branch 'dev' of into dev Thu, 19 Mar, 12:13 [incubator-streampipes] 03/03: Add NotificationItem import to Toolbar template Thu, 19 Mar, 12:13 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated (0f610d6 -> 252606b) Sat, 21 Mar, 16:39 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] 01/02: Use correct timestamp in ISS adapter Sat, 21 Mar, 16:39 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] 02/02: Add processors-geo-jvm to pipeline-elements-all module Sat, 21 Mar, 16:39 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Fix bug in TsonLd deserializer Sun, 22 Mar, 11:32 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: Changed descriptions of adapters Sun, 22 Mar, 12:28 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-58: Show measurement unit in single value visualizations Sun, 22 Mar, 14:35 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: Add speed calculation processor Sun, 22 Mar, 14:42 [incubator-streampipes-extensions] branch dev updated: Add StaticDistanceCalculator processor Sun, 22 Mar, 20:50 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: STREAMPIPES-102: Pipeline Element config updates via UI add key entry to consul Mon, 23 Mar, 12:42 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Add explicit annotation to DomainConceptController Mon, 23 Mar, 15:25 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Add new websocket connector to asset dashboard Mon, 23 Mar, 21:36 [incubator-streampipes] branch dev updated: Connect: Sort event properties by name in GuessSchema editor Mon, 23 Mar, 21:51
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