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From Iago Alonso Alonso <>
Subject Re: Apache Stratos not works as expected
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2016 16:44:52 GMT
Hi, I was going to send you the log and when I want to copy and paste I saw the error. I was
sending a GET petition instead a POST. 

Sorry for the noob mistake. 

P.D: If I can make a second question without open another "email thread". Why in the docs
I can see how do the login (
) but then I can't see anything of how do the the logout neither how use the sessionId instead
pass always user:pass on all cURL commands? Where it's indicated on the documentation? 

Thanks and regards. 

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De: "Isuru Haththotuwa" <> 
Para: "dev" <> 
Enviados: Martes, 19 de Julio 2016 18:15:35 
Asunto: Re: Apache Stratos not works as expected 

Hi Iago, 

Can you please attach the complete server side error log, wso2carbon.log, which is at <STRATOS_HOME>/repository/logs/

On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 7:30 PM, Iago Alonso Alonso < > wrote: 

I'm trying to send orders to Apache Stratos via API REST but I'm unnable to make it works.

According to the Deploy Doc (
) and the Undeploy Doc (
) you can do the process via API REST. When I try to send the orders I'm getting an 500 ERROR
as response. 

If I go to .....:9443/console/ I can do the both procces with the same credentials that I
send on the code. For example, to deploy process: 

policy = form.cleaned_data['Application Policy ID:'] 
applicationID = form.cleaned_data['Application ID:'] 
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/json'} 
deployApp = apacheStratosAPI + applications + '/' + applicationID + '/' + deploy + '/' + policy

req = requests.get(deployApp, headers=headers, auth=HTTPBasicAuth(request.session['stratosUser'],
request.session['stratosPass']), verify=False) 

Where apacheStratosAPI, applications, deploy are constants to use in other calls. 

So, why I can do it via web console and nor with the API REST calls? 


Thanks and Regards, 

Isuru H. 
+94 716 358 048 

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