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From 周华康 <>
Subject Any other method to pull down the docker images which are used to deploy the stratos really?Not Mock IaaS
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 14:13:08 GMT
	Because I am in China,there is a “greate wall” to stop us to visit some websites,such
as  the youtube,google…Unfortunately,it seems that i can not visit the docker hub smoothly
as well.When i run the script provided by Imesh,”docker pull ***”always fails.[1]
	Then  i try to use the Registry Mirror provided by a company  in China.But the docker images
have not been downloaded before,so it goes back to the docker native[2]

	Maybe someone one can give me the zip,the I can manually import them.[3]
[1]always fail

[2]docker registry also fail

[3]which docker i need

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