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From Lakmal Warusawithana <>
Subject [Discuss] Apache Stratos Report for February 2016
Date Sun, 07 Feb 2016 15:30:51 GMT
Hi Devs,

Please see following report for past 3 months and provide feedback if any.
I will submit to board by 11th Feb.

PMC's, If any concerns or issues, please discuss at private@.

## Description:
   Apache Stratos is a highly-extensible Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
   framework that helps run Apache Tomcat, PHP, and MySQL applications and
   be extended to support many more environments on all major cloud

## Issues:
 - No issue for last quoter

## Activity:
 - Last 3 months, developers are mainly focused on stability of the 4.1.x
   Delivered one bug fixed release. No heavy development happened in the
last quoter
   may be due to the holiday season.

## Health report:
 - For last quoter no new committer / PMC member added. I feel people are
   interest in Stratos due to mainly rising of other open source projects
in same
   space with bigger backing up. I believed Stratos community need to find
   place to play with other open source project. Also WSO2 stoped providing
   contributors to the project. This will affect to slow down the project
   all full time contributors were WSO2 employees. But PMC is strong enough
to take
   forward the project.

## PMC changes:

 - Currently 45 PMC members.
 - No new PMC members added in the last 3 months
 - Last PMC addition was Pubudu Gunatilaka on Fri Sep 25 2015

## Committer base changes:

 - Currently 46 committers.
 - No new committers added in the last 3 months
 - Last committer addition was Pubudu Gunatilaka at Thu Sep 24 2015

## Releases:

 - Apache Stratos 4.1.5 was released on Thu Dec 10 2015

## Mailing list activity:

    - 240 subscribers (up 5 in the last 3 months):
    - 944 emails sent to list (1953 in previous quarter)

## JIRA activity:

 - 54 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months
 - 48 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months

Lakmal Warusawithana
Vice President, Apache Stratos
Blog :

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