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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build failed in Jenkins: Stratos-Master-Nightly-Build #624
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2015 00:27:01 GMT
See <>


[reka] removing the unused class

[ravihansa3000] Commenting out GroupTerminationBehaviorTest integration test; tracked in

[ravihansa3000] Fixing Repo password displaying in plain text

[ravihansa3000] Remove sources from Carbin UI fork

[reka] fixing port mapping issue for kubernetes

[reka] fixing port mapping for kubernetes

[anuruddha789] Adding generic exception catch block to prevent application monitor

[ravihansa3000] Removing sources from Carbon UI fork

[ravihansa3000] Preparing for next development iteration

[ravihansa3000] Cleaning up module structure, parent pom, Stratos distribution

[anuruddha789] Adding general exception catch block

[anuruddha789] Fixing formatting issues

[anuruddha789] Adding brackets to the condition

[imesh] Fixing memory allocation limit in kubernetes and allowing users to

[imesh] Fixing string formatting issue in log messages in kubernetes iaas

[imesh] Adding logic to clear application metadata when undeploying an

[ravihansa3000] Upgrading automation engine to v4.4.2

[imesh] Fixing kubernetes service creation logic to create services in every

[dinithis] Validate whether multi-tenant applications have active signups, before

[anuruddha789] Adding remove-signup button

[anuruddha789] Removing always() function

[gayang] Adding rest API methods to add tenant signup from super tenant

[gayang] Update method comments

[gayang] Fixed super admin only un-deploy a multi tenant application

[ravihansa3000] Fixing STRATOS-1548: integration tests should dynamically pickup open

[dinithis] Resolve merge conflicts

[imesh] Optimizing kubernetes service creation logic

[dinithis] Fixing the condition when additing kubernetes port value for mock IaaS

[ravihansa3000] Grouping integration tests, adding smoke test suite

[ravihansa3000] Adding smoke test suite, adding SampleApplicationStartupTestCase to

[ravihansa3000] Package specific logging for integration tests

[imesh] Select next available sequence numbers for pods, services and append

[anuruddha789] Adding validation to addApplicationSignup

[anuruddha789] Making signup button available only when application is active

[ravihansa3000] Fix smoke test script to use test goal, adding class comments

[ravihansa3000] Adding validation to addApplicationSignup

[ravihansa3000] Making signup button available only when application is active

[ravihansa3000] Fixing PCA live tests and PCA conflicts

[ravihansa3000] Fixing log class names

[dinithis] Custom helper to check super tenant

[ravihansa3000] Adding exclude directives to Stratos distribution descriptor to replace

[ravihansa3000] commenting assembly plugin in Carbon UI dependency

[ravihansa3000] Increasing test timeout for PCA AgentStartupTestCase

[ravihansa3000] Update PCA topology context on complete topology event, PCA integration

[ravihansa3000] Fix registry transactions exception handling

[ravihansa3000] Catch the correct exception

[dinithis]  Removing Undeploy button for the tenants for multitenant application

[reka] Support application update in the Applications Topology

[reka] improving force undeployment

[reka] removing unnecessary files

[ravihansa3000] Adding Thrift health stat integration test for PCA

[ravihansa3000] Adding smoke test group for PCA

[dinithis] Resolving alignment issues in the UI

[dinithis] Show Undeploy button to tenants for single tenant applications

[ravihansa3000] Fixing STRATOS-1566: PCA Git artifact delete issue

[ravihansa3000] Fix rebase issue in PCA

[gayang] Validate the application id length to support kubernetes service name

[gayang] Update the application lenghth

[ravihansa3000] Fixing STRATOS-1568: Clone artifacts to a temporary location and mv in

[anuruddha789] Upgrading CEP artifacts to 3.1.0

[anuruddha789] Changing python agent to publish thrift events to multiple CEP servers

[anuruddha789] Changing agent.conf to accept cep.urls

[anuruddha789] Adding CEP 3.0.0 jar to distribution

[anuruddha789] Removing cep_ip,cep_port from agent constants

[dinithis] Reverting the validation to limit the length of the ApplicationId

[ravihansa3000] Add validations to PCA event handler

[ravihansa3000] Fix validations when executing topology event extensions

[gayang] Fixes the kubernetes undeploy issue in multiple regions

[gayang] Remove kubernetes cluster id from cluster context and added it to

[ravihansa3000] Fixed issue with logging in pca

[ravihansa3000] Use a global counter for generating sequence ids for Kub services and

[ravihansa3000] Set labels for identification when creating K8s pods and services

[ravihansa3000] Refactoring integration test cases according to guidelines, throwing all

[ravihansa3000] Rename kubernetesPodLabel to kubernetesPodName

[ravihansa3000] Update Stratos version references to 4.1.3

[ravihansa3000] Fix broken path in base image

[ravihansa3000] Resolving conflicts for KubernetesIaaS

[ravihansa3000] Fix merge conflict in KubernetesIaaS

[ravihansa3000] Adding annotations in K8s when creating services and pods

[ravihansa3000] Fix CEP_URLs in samples and K8s script

[ravihansa3000] Fix CEP_URLs in Puppet scripts

[ravihansa3000] Committing kubernetes client live test classes

[ravihansa3000] Preparing for Stratos 4.1.3 release

[ravihansa3000] Preparing for Stratos 4.1.3 release

[ravihansa3000] Moving label names to constants

[ravihansa3000] Remove redundant attribute kubernetesServiceType from ClusterPortMapping

[imesh] Renaming kubernetes service selector label to serviceSelector and

[imesh] Replacing cluster id label in kubernetes service with cluster instance

[gayang] Setting the setKubernetesClusterId when creating the Kubenetes service

[imesh] Adding logic to recreate a kubernetes service if not found in the

[anuruddha789] Fixing restoreState() method

[gayang] Remove kubernetes services from kubernetes cluster context

[gayang] Update the kubernetes service against the cluster instance id

[imesh] Fixing artifact names in pom.xml files

[gayang] Update accessurl as a map against instanceclusterid

[gayang] Revert "Update accessurl as a map against instanceclusterid"

[ravihansa3000] Fix license headers

[ravihansa3000] Removing license headers from filters.txt and instrumentation.txt;

[gayang] Update accessurl as a map against instanceclusterid

[gayang] Revert "Update accessurl as a map against instanceclusterid"

[imesh] Fixing kubernetes service management methods in cluster context

[ravihansa3000] Remove UI resources from distribution module

[ravihansa3000] Fix Puppet sample hostname

[ravihansa3000] Fixing STRATOS-1576

[ravihansa3000] Improve readability in createKubernetesServices method

[ravihansa3000] Fix incorrect variable reference in generateKubernetesServicePorts

[gayang] Update accessurl as a map against instanceclusterid

[imesh] Refactoring Thrift Statistics Publisher Classes

[imesh] Adding DAS thrift configuration to thrift-client-config.xml

[imesh] Changing public variable to private

[imesh] Adding statsPublisherEnabled element to thrift-client-config.xml

[imesh] Disabling DAS thrift stats publisher

[imesh] Publishing metering service event streams

[imesh] Removed tenantId from queries and refactore jaggery files

[imesh] changing member-lifecycle stream spark query execution schedule time

[imesh] Adding member-status-filter gadget and dashboard to car file

[imesh] Adding navigation from stratos to metering dashboard

[imesh] Changing table gadgets column names using labels

[imesh] Fixing syntax error in loadcluster method ajax query

[imesh] executing member-count spark script for every 10 seconds

[imesh] Print Data not available message if table-gadget data is empty

[imesh] Changing the Member Count line chart legend title and chart width

[imesh] Modifying README files

[imesh] Aligning Show Usage button in application topology page

[imesh] Adding warning message if instance metadata is null in

[imesh] Correcting x-axis time interval in member-count jaggery file

[imesh] Sorting Member Status Gadget Table by Member Id and Time

[imesh] Fix for print data not available message if table-gadget data is empty

[imesh] Show data not available message to Member Count Gadget

[imesh] Fix for member count line chart series plotted outside without y-scale

[imesh] using clister alias instead of cluster id for navigating from stratos to

[imesh] Removing extra line in license header in jaggery files

[imesh] Reanming NULL_VALUE constant to VALUE_NOT_FOUND in

[imesh] Updated das extension metering-serive capps file

[ravihansa3000] Preparing for next development iteration

[imesh] Adding database creation command to mysqlscript.sql file

[imesh] Adding ues patch

[imesh] Changing info message in gadgets when there is no filtering values are

[reka] adding complete template support for nginf.cfg

[gayang] Adding the validation message for networkPartitionIdFilter

[gayang] Update the application undeployment rest method

[ravihansa3000] Increasing JVM max memory to 2Gigs in Stratos default distribution

[reka] fixing nginx template with SSL keys and certs

[ravihansa3000] This fixes STRATOS-1581: PCA @ sign in password

[ravihansa3000] Fixing STRATOS-1582: Re-initialize Git repo credentials on

[ravihansa3000] Increasing timeout for integration test assertions

[ravihansa3000] Adding debug logs for ClusterMonitor events

[ravihansa3000] Set Autoscaler and CloudController logging level to DEBUG for

[ravihansa3000] Fix response message format for updateCartridge API method

[ravihansa3000] Fix packaging type for Python agent component

[ravihansa3000] Fix formatting in StratosApiV41 class

[ravihansa3000] Fix log levels for complete topology and tenant events, update tenant

[ravihansa3000] Refining logs in

[ravihansa3000] Refining log level in

[gayang] Fixing to remoe the memberstats context when remove the pending members

[chamila] Enable message broker authentication with username and password for PCA

[gayang] Add the aws lb extension

[ravihansa3000] Further improvements for STRATOS-1582: Update git credentials in PCA

[ravihansa3000] Changing message if there is no data available for selected values

[ravihansa3000] Adding UI changes to integrate metering dashboard in applications'

[ravihansa3000] Updating das extension README files

[ravihansa3000] Removing scaling decision events data from stratos-metering-service capp

[ravihansa3000] change list-data variable name to listData

[ravihansa3000] Changing metering dashboard url and encoding it

[ravihansa3000] Adding table name request param validation

[ravihansa3000] Changing time axis values based on time interval in member count gadget

[gayang] Adding the aws lb extension

[ravihansa3000] Fix STRATOS-1549: PCA artifact checkout and commit jobs can be plugged

[ravihansa3000] Adding PCA integration test for STRATOS-1549

[ravihansa3000] Fix STRATOS-1572: Network partition availability zone setting has no

[gayang] Added instanceId field to Member class and exposed it through topology.

[ravihansa3000] Fix STRATOS-1578: Handle registry exceptions in higher levels to avoid

[ravihansa3000] Rename startup test case artifacts

[ravihansa3000] Fix relativePath in aws-lb-extension

[gayang] Update the aws lb pom after moving to the modules folder

[gayang] Update the aws extension pom

[ravihansa3000] Remove unused variable in HealthStatisticsPublisher in PCA

[thanujau] Removing duplicate sendMemberActivatedEvent() call

[ravihansa3000] Move HealthStatReader, ArtifactCheckout and ArtifactCommit tasks to

[ravihansa3000] Throw exception and handle later on service null case in TopologyBuilder

[thanujau] Adding license header to file

[reka] fixing possible NPEs when application monitor is not there

[reka] fixing upstream generation issue when there is no servers available

[reka] updating

[gayang] Restructing das extension repository

[gayang] Adding missed license headers to files

[gayang] Updating das extension distribution NOTICE file

[imesh] Adding load balancer ips to topology cluster object and fixing access

[imesh] Adding condition to check network partition properties availability

[imesh] Handling null conditions in cloud controller service

[imesh] Renaming method findLoadBalancerIPList() to findLoadBalancerIps()

[imesh] Updating info messages in cloud controller service impl

[imesh] Create

[imesh] Directory structure added On branch python-cli new file:

[imesh] Setup file added, setup config added On branch python-cli new file:

[imesh] Directory for Tests added On branch python-cli new file:

[imesh] Setup file and Setup config file moved to correct location On branch

[imesh] README added

[imesh] Main file added On branch python-cli new file:

[imesh] Simple code style fixes as of the coding guides

[imesh] CLI and Stratos scripts added On branch python-cli new file:

[imesh] Initializing the CMD and started the loop in Main On branch python-cli

[imesh] Main and CLI linked On branch python-cli modified: cli/ modified:

[imesh] Made the README a rst file On branch python-cli renamed: ->

[imesh] Git Ignore file updated On branch python-cli new file: .gitignore

[imesh] new added On branch python-cli new file: Python CLI

[imesh] now use README.rst as description

[imesh] Added Apache details to the On branch python-cli modified:

[imesh] Utilities to print tables, trees added On branch python-cli new file:

[imesh] Seperate py to handle Logging related stuffs

[imesh] Creating stratos folder for logging( if not exists ), logging in to

[imesh] Logging added to the Main py

[imesh] added, Using the constants in On branch python-cli

[imesh] Resolving the '-' issue

[imesh] Log file location moved to from On branch

[imesh] Some quick fixes Using python os.path.join() to avoid forward/back slash

[imesh] Pre Authentication decorator added

[imesh] Default stratos URL added

[imesh] Auth and Print tree improved

[imesh] Prompting for user credentials when starting the interactive mode

[imesh] Stratos API URL added

[imesh] Passowrd and username checking now happens in @auth decorator.

[imesh] added list_users to Straos

[imesh] Loggin added

[imesh] Print tree method's print style fixed a little

[imesh] Tox ini added for Python testing on different version

[imesh] Ignored .tox dir

[imesh] Added testing files

[imesh] New Authentication Error

[imesh] New CLI actions added

[imesh] Resolving the '-' issue

[imesh] Added set of listing actions

[imesh] Using generalized get method

[imesh] Added Apache licence header

[imesh] Added list-kubernetes-hosts command

[imesh] Added new line at the end of file as of PEP8 recommendations

[imesh] 180 char limit as of PEP8

[imesh] Updated list-cartridges-group command

[imesh] Updated list-cartridges command

[imesh] added activate-tenant command

[imesh] Added list-deploying-policies

[imesh] Added list-cartridge-groups

[imesh] Added list-autoscaling-policies

[imesh] Added function for pretty printing JSON

[imesh] Updated user related commands

[imesh] added describe-* type commands and list-* type commands

[imesh] improved clarity

[imesh] Added new commands

[imesh] Actions related to Auto-scaling policies and Kubernetes Clusters updated

[imesh] remove-* commands, update-* commands added

[imesh] Updated Kubernates commands and Applications commands

[imesh] Re-organized in to proper groups

[imesh] Better prompt_for_credentials()

[imesh] Fixed doc string issue

[imesh] ignoring test output dirs

[imesh] Better Exception handling

[imesh] CLI output testing

[imesh] Generalized Errors

[imesh] removed unwanted stuffs

[imesh] mock object for tests

[imesh] Fixed doc strings

[imesh] tests updated

[imesh] Fixing access URL generation logs in topology builder

[reka] Enforcing the order as building TopologyProvider first and then

[imesh] Fixing spelling mistake in info log in topology builder

[sajith] Fixing STRATOS-1584, making thrift client able to publish to multiple

[thanujau] Fixing relative path in das extension pom files

[imesh] Fixing access URLs not being populated for VMs

[thanujau] Removing artifact version from stratos-metering-service capps

[thanujau] Fixing typo error in capps pom.xml

[thanujau] Updating spark-udfs README file

[sajith] Change thrift client config file to fix failing tests

[chamila] Added POM and distribution for Python CLI. Fixed import issues in the

[chamila] Merging @agentmilindu's leftover fixes for Python CLI from the later PR

[chamila] Fixing missing methods for application undeployment and application

[chamila] Python CLI - Added connection log and debug option

[chamila] Python CLI - Minor fix to debug option

[chamila] Python CLI - Minor fix to debug option

[thanujau] Deleting old artifacts in stratos-metering-service

[imesh] Fixing the issue of deployment policy name not being available in the

[imesh] Fixing Cluster.addLoadBalancerIps() method logic

[imesh] Fixing application filter logic in message processors

[gayang] Changing the logic to check dasStatsPublisherEnabled in login.jag

[gayang] checking all the das nodes for stats publisher enabled check

[chamila] Python CLI - Added missing license headers

[imesh] Adding logic to reload load balancer extension configuration on domain

[chamila] Add Python setuptools config files as excludes for Apache Rat Plugin

[gayang] Update the thrift client with default configurations

[gayang] Update the thrift port to 7611

[ravihansa3000] Removing metadata service features from as, cc p2 profiles and removing

[ravihansa3000] Fix STRATOS-1585: Threads can override resource paths in metadata api

[ravihansa3000] Integration test for metadata service

[ravihansa3000] Improvements for mock IaaS. Add payload to mock member context

[imesh] Fixing domain mapping event handling issue in messaging and load

[imesh] Making load balancer ips distinct for kubernetes nodes

[imesh] Fixing load balancer ip duplicate issue and persisting it in topology

[ravihansa3000] Improvements to Python agent ADC logic and event handling

[ravihansa3000] Preparing for Stratos 4.1.4 release

[ravihansa3000] Release Stratos 4.1.4-rc2

[ravihansa3000] Preparing for next development iteration

[thanujau] Adding authentication logic to metering api calls

[thanujau] Removing datasource and fiter variables from gadgets

[thanujau] Updating license header in dashboard.jag file

[thanujau] Updating metering-dashboard README, mysql script and CAppa pom files

[thanujau] Renaming metering service capps artifact id

[imesh] Adding instance id to member objects in the topology

[imesh] Adding instance id to member bean to be exposed by the application

[isuruh] handling HTTPS loadbalancing in AWS LB extension

[ravihansa3000] Fixing STRATOS-1594: Failed to publish member fault event log message

[gayang] Revert "Fixing the merge confict"

[gayang] Revert "Merge branch 'master' of

[gayang] Revert "Fixing the get startup order of service groups"

[gayang] Revert "Update the cep extension"

[gayang] Revert "Update the mock health statistics"

[gayang] Revert "Adding the missing changes"

[gayang] Revert "Merge the missing changes"

[gayang] Revert "Update cartridge uuid with type and tenant-id"

[gayang] Revert "Update the pod label to restrict its length"

[gayang] Revert "Update the pod label to restrict its length"

[gayang] Revert "Update the pod label to restrict its length"

[gayang] Revert "Adding timestamp for cartridge_agent_helath_stats stream"

[gayang] Revert "fixing the pom version"

[gayang] Revert "Merge branch 'ui' of"

[gayang] Revert "Merge with tenant-isolation branch"

[gayang] .

[gayang] Merge with the stratos-4.1.x branch changes

[...truncated 3641 lines...]
[INFO] Apache Stratos - DAS Artifacts .................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - DAS Extension Spark UDFs ......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - DAS Extension Spark Time UDF ..... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Features ......................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Load Balancer Features ........... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Management Feature  SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Common Feature ... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Autoscaler Features .............. SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Autoscaler Feature ............... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Mock IaaS Features ............... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Mock IaaS API Feature ............ SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Cloud Controller Features ........ SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Cloud Controller Feature ......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Manager Features Aggregator Module  SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Stratos Management Aggregator Module  SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Management Core Feature .......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Management Composite Feature ..... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - RESTful admin services feature ... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - stratos manager admin theme ...... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Meta Data Service feature ........ SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Metadata client Feature .......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Messaging Module ................. SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Messaging Feature ................ SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Common Features .................. SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Common Server Feature ............ SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Custom Handlers Feature .......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Common Composite Feature ......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - CEP Features ..................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Event Processor Server Feature ... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Event Processor Aggregator Feature  SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Products ......................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Python Cartridge Agent Product ... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Python Cartridge Agent ........... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Python Cartridge Agent Integration Aggregator  SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - PCA - Integration Common Module .. SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - PCA - Integration Tests .......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Cartridge Agent Product .......... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Java Cartridge Agent Distribution  SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Python CLI Product ............... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Python CLI ....................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - CLI Product ...................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - CLI .............................. SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Load Balancer Product ............ SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - P2 Profile Generation  SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Load Balancer - Distribution ..... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Product .......................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Profile Generation ............... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Distribution ..................... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Integration Aggregation Module ... SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Integration Common Module ........ SKIPPED
[INFO] Apache Stratos - Integration Tests ................ SKIPPED
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time: 3:49.067s
[INFO] Finished at: Tue Nov 03 00:25:05 UTC 2015
[INFO] Final Memory: 142M/664M
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Waiting for Jenkins to finish collecting data[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.18:test (default-test) on project org.apache.stratos.common: Execution default-test of goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.18:test failed: The forked VM terminated without properly saying goodbye. VM crash or System.exit called?
[ERROR] Command was /bin/sh -c cd <> && /home/jenkins/tools/java/jdk1.7.0_25-32/jre/bin/java -jar <> <> <>
[ERROR] -> [Help 1]
[ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.
[ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.
[ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles:
[ERROR] [Help 1]
[ERROR] After correcting the problems, you can resume the build with the command
[ERROR]   mvn <goals> -rf :org.apache.stratos.common

[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.common.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.common.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-integration/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-integration-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-dependencies-fabric8/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-dependencies-fabric8-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/metering-service-capps/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/metering-service-capps-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.common/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.common-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/cloud-controller-features/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/cloud-controller-features-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/rocoto/6.1/rocoto-6.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/rocoto/6.1/rocoto-6.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-load-balancer-extensions/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-load-balancer-extensions-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/guice-multibindings/3.0/guice-multibindings-3.0.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/guice-multibindings/3.0/guice-multibindings-3.0.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/apache-stratos-lvs-extension/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/apache-stratos-lvs-extension-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/python-agent-test-integration/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/python-agent-test-integration-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.manager.service.stub/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.manager.service.stub-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.manager.service.stub/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.manager.service.stub-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.messaging.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.messaging.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.python.cartridge.agent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.python.cartridge.agent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-components-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-components-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/sts/1.9.1/sts-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/sts/1.9.1/sts-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/python-cartridge-agent-distribution/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/python-cartridge-agent-distribution-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/ec2/1.9.1/ec2-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/ec2/1.9.1/ec2-1.9.1.jar
Compressed 402.25 KB of artifacts by 15.9% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos.load.balancer/load-balancer-distribution/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/load-balancer-distribution-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.manager.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.manager.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.cep.310.extension/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.cep.310.extension-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/spark-udfs/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/spark-udfs-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.autoscaler.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.autoscaler.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/guice/3.0/guice-3.0.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/guice/3.0/guice-3.0.jar
Compressed 708.99 KB of artifacts by 45.1% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/python-cartridge-agent-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/python-cartridge-agent-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/autoscaler-features/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/autoscaler-features-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-features-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-features-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-test-integration/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-test-integration-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/apache-stratos-python-cli-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/apache-stratos-python-cli-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.wso2.carbon.ui/4.2.0-stratosv2/org.wso2.carbon.ui-4.2.0-stratosv2.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.wso2.carbon.ui/4.2.0-stratosv2/org.wso2.carbon.ui-4.2.0-stratosv2.jar
Compressed 3.15 MB of artifacts by 11.9% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/java-cartridge-agent-distribution/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/java-cartridge-agent-distribution-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.metadata.service/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.metadata.service-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-das-extension/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-das-extension-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.common.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.common.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/python-cli-distribution/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/python-cli-distribution-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.event.processor.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.event.processor.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/cloudstack/1.9.1/cloudstack-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/cloudstack/1.9.1/cloudstack-1.9.1.jar
Compressed 775.66 KB of artifacts by 49.5% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-netty/1.9.1/jclouds-netty-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-netty/1.9.1/jclouds-netty-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-service-stubs-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-service-stubs-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-extensions/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-extensions-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos.load.balancer/load-balancer-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/load-balancer-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.metadata.service.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.metadata.service.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-bouncycastle/1.9.1/jclouds-bouncycastle-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-bouncycastle/1.9.1/jclouds-bouncycastle-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.metadata.client.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.metadata.client.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/common-features/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/common-features-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-sshj/1.9.1/jclouds-sshj-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-sshj/1.9.1/jclouds-sshj-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/messaging-features/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/messaging-features-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-enterprise/1.9.1/jclouds-enterprise-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-enterprise/1.9.1/jclouds-enterprise-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/apache-stratos-cli/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/apache-stratos-cli-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/openstack-keystone/1.9.1/openstack-keystone-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/openstack-keystone/1.9.1/openstack-keystone-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.integration.common/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.integration.common-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/apache-stratos-cep-artifacts/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/apache-stratos-cep-artifacts-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.manager/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.manager-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/openstack-nova/1.9.1/openstack-nova-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/openstack-nova/1.9.1/openstack-nova-1.9.1.jar
Compressed 418.57 KB of artifacts by 22.9% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/googlecloud/1.9.1/googlecloud-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/googlecloud/1.9.1/googlecloud-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-products-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-products-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-profile-gen/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-profile-gen-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/google-compute-engine/1.9.1/google-compute-engine-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/google-compute-engine/1.9.1/google-compute-engine-1.9.1.jar
Compressed 405.37 KB of artifacts by 39.5% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/oauth/1.9.1/oauth-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/oauth/1.9.1/oauth-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.common/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.common-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-dependencies-jclouds/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-dependencies-jclouds-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/aws-ec2/1.9.1/aws-ec2-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/aws-ec2/1.9.1/aws-ec2-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/aws-ec2/1.9.1/aws-ec2-1.9.1-tests.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.manager.server.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.manager.server.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-joda/1.9.1/jclouds-joda-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-joda/1.9.1/jclouds-joda-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/openstack-common/1.9.1/openstack-common-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/openstack-common/1.9.1/openstack-common-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.das.artifacts/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.das.artifacts-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-blobstore/1.9.1/jclouds-blobstore-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-blobstore/1.9.1/jclouds-blobstore-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.manager.styles/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.manager.styles-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.das.extension.spark.time.udf/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.das.extension.spark.time.udf-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/apache-stratos-cli-parent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/apache-stratos-cli-parent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/apache-stratos-haproxy-extension/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/apache-stratos-haproxy-extension-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.api/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.api-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.autoscaler.service.stub/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.autoscaler.service.stub-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.autoscaler.service.stub/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.autoscaler.service.stub-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/cep-features/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/cep-features-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.cartridge.agent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.cartridge.agent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.python.cartridge.agent.integration.common/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.python.cartridge.agent.integration.common-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/google-jclouds-labs/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/google-jclouds-labs-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.kubernetes.client/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.kubernetes.client-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.custom.handlers/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.custom.handlers-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/cartidge-agent/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/cartidge-agent-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-compute/1.9.1/jclouds-compute-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-compute/1.9.1/jclouds-compute-1.9.1.jar
Compressed 501.78 KB of artifacts by 12.8% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-core/1.9.1/jclouds-core-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/jclouds-core/1.9.1/jclouds-core-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-mgt-parent-feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-mgt-parent-feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.cep300.extension/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.cep300.extension-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/loadbalancer-features/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/loadbalancer-features-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/net.schmizz.sshj/0.8.1/net.schmizz.sshj-0.8.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/net.schmizz.sshj/0.8.1/net.schmizz.sshj-0.8.1.jar
Compressed 349.50 KB of artifacts by 18.3% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/google-cloud-storage/1.9.1/google-cloud-storage-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/google-cloud-storage/1.9.1/google-cloud-storage-1.9.1.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/cep-extensions/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/cep-extensions-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/kubernetes-api/2.2.16/kubernetes-api-2.2.16.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/kubernetes-api/2.2.16/kubernetes-api-2.2.16.jar
Compressed 5.79 MB of artifacts by 87.4% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.extension.api/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer.extension.api-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.client/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.client-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.python.cli/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.python.cli-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/apache-stratos-nginx-extension/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/apache-stratos-nginx-extension-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.autoscaler/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.autoscaler-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.common.server.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.common.server.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos.load.balancer/apache-stratos-load-balancer-p2-profile-gen/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/apache-stratos-load-balancer-p2-profile-gen-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/guice-assistedinject/3.0/guice-assistedinject-3.0.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/guice-assistedinject/3.0/guice-assistedinject-3.0.jar
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-dependents/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-dependents-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.manager.styles.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.manager.styles.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.custom.handlers.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.custom.handlers.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.api.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas.api.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-distribution/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-distribution-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/mock-iaas-features/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/mock-iaas-features-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/openstack-neutron/1.9.1/openstack-neutron-1.9.1.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/openstack-neutron/1.9.1/openstack-neutron-1.9.1.jar
Compressed 259.07 KB of artifacts by 37.1% relative to #623
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.load.balancer-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/python-cartridge-agent-integration/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/python-cartridge-agent-integration-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
No prior successful build to compare, so performing full copy of artifacts
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.metadata.client/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.metadata.client-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.messaging/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.messaging-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.event.processor.server.feature/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.event.processor.server.feature-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.cli/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.cli-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/stratos-manager-features/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/stratos-manager-features-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
[JENKINS] Archiving <> to org.apache.stratos/org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas/4.1.5-SNAPSHOT/org.apache.stratos.mock.iaas-4.1.5-SNAPSHOT.pom
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