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From Gayan Gunarathne <>
Subject Multi-region Kubernetes service un-deployment
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2015 14:50:33 GMT
When we try to un-deploy the application in a multi region deployment, It
will throw the following exception. HTTP 404 pods "tomcatr1-pod-1" not

Issue seems like,in a topology service clusterIdClusterMap has only one
value even there is two clusters in two regions. So when un-deploying it is
map to the same region cluster. So when un-deploying the application, first
region will remove successfully but in the second region it will throw the
exception of "HTTP 404 pod not found"

I think we may need to recheck the logic of adding the clusterIdClusterMap
in the case of multi region deployment.


Gayan Gunarathne
Technical Lead, WSO2 Inc. (
Committer & PMC Member, Apache Stratos
email :  | mobile : +94 775030545 <%2B94%20766819985>

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