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From Pranavan Theivendiram <>
Subject [GSoC-2015][Progress Update] Introducing "curve fitting" for stat prediction algorithm of Autoscaler
Date Sun, 14 Jun 2015 17:09:55 GMT
Hi Lahiru and Raj,

I have finished the following tasks of my project.

   1. Added apache common math lib as a dependency
   2. Curve fitting part is finished. ( From <timestamp,value> pair values
   to a second order polynomial v = a*t*t + b*t + c)

I am currently working on exponential moving average (EMA). Since apache
common math libs do not have the functionality to implement EMA. I am
implementing it in my own.

I need an assistance in finding the smoothing constant alpha. I need a
proper value for alpha.

I started implementing CurveFittingWindowProcessor. Not finished yet. Most
of the functions are adopted from other window processors. I need to
implement some methods for prediction and EMA.

Please find my Git repo below.[1]

[1] -


*T. Pranavan*
*BSc Eng Undergraduate| Department of Computer Science & Engineering
,University of Moratuwa*
*Mobile| *0775136836

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