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From Asanka Sanjaya Herath <>
Subject [GSOC] GCE Load Balancing Support for Stratos - weekly update
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2015 22:57:03 GMT

In last week I was working on following tasks.

1. Implementing a way to wait for API call completion
2. Getting the instance ID(The member ID in IaaS side) and adding the
instance to target pool

Now I think the basic functionality of the extension is completed. I tested
it with a sample PHP application which is deployed using Stratos and I was
able to access the application through the GCE load balancer
IP(Corresponding forwarding rule IP).

Here I'm listing TO DOs according to my opinion.

1. Implement the reload() method
2. Implement the stop() method
3. Adding a firewall rule
4. Add validation checks
5. Statistics publishing to CEP
6. Exception handling
7. Testing
8. Discuss and implementing a better way to start the load balancer(Stand
alone mode or in application sign up process).
9. Standardize the code

Any comment is highly appreciated.

Github repo:


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