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From Vishanth Balasubramaniam <>
Subject [Code review notes] Deployment policy update with partition changes
Date Sat, 25 Apr 2015 20:03:11 GMT
Hi Devs,

Please find the code review notes for *Deployment policy update with
partition changes: Lahiru*

class: *AutoscalerServiceImpl *method: *updateClusterMonitors*

   - Line comments in the implemented methods to explain complex logic
   - Add a new exception something like CloudControllerFailureException and
   throw it instead of InvalidDeploymentPolicyException
   - Provide specific error message rather than having a generic exception
   for exceptions
   - log.error() can also log the exception with the custom message

class:* AutoscalerServiceImpl *method:* removeOldPartitionContext*

   - can use Iterator instead of using while with size check
   - Use third person writing in the comments


*Vishanth Balasubramaniam*
Software Engineer
WSO2 Inc.;

mobile: *+94771737718*
about me: * <>*

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