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From "Martin Eppel (meppel)" <>
Subject Testing Stratos 4.1 : nested grouping scenario with startup and termination issues (?)
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2015 01:38:47 GMT
I am testing a (nested grouping) scenario where a group defines a termination behavior "terminate-all".
When terminating the instance (of cartridge type c3), no new instance is restarted.
My understanding is that a new instance should be started up.

The scenario looks like this:

Group ~G1 has a cartridge member c1 and group member ~G2
Group ~G2 has a cartridge member c2 and group member ~G3
Group ~G3 has a cartridge member c3

Startup dependencies are: c1 depends on G2, c2 depends on G3

~G1 defines termination: none
~G2 defines termination: dependents
~G3 defines termination: all

After startup, when all instances are active, instance c3 is terminated which correctly also
terminates also instance c2 (since it depends on G3 / c3) .
Issue 1:
However, no new instances for c3 is started up (consequently no new instance for c2 should
be started up as well) (see log see log wso2carbon.log)

Only instance which remains running is c1.
Issue 2:
When subsequently c1 is manually being terminated, a new instance of c1 is started up (as
opposed to Issue1) which I think is incorrect since it defines a startup dependency (c1 depends
on G2) which is not fulfilled at the time (G2 should not be active since c2 is still terminated,
see log wso2carbon-issue2.log, same log as wso2carbon.log but at a later time)


Please find attached artifacts and logs



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