Hi Devs,

I have extended one-after-another algorithm to support any app bursting pattern of your choice.

    "id": "application-policy-4",
            "name": "networkPartitionGroups",
            "value": "network-partition-1|network-partition-2, network-partition-3, network-partition-4|network-partition-5"
            "name": "key-2",
            "value": "value-2"

The property "networkPartitionGroups" can be used to configure your app bursting pattern for one-after-another network partition algorithm. You can group network partitions using a pipe character and you can separate network partition groups using a comma character. Stratos will create application instances in network partition groups in each app bursting iteration.

For example, according to above application policy;

So at the end of 2nd app bursting iteration, we will have 5 application instances running. There is no app bursting after that.

For more information, refer app-bursting-pattern sample application [1]

1. https://github.com/apache/stratos/tree/master/samples/applications/app-bursting-pattern


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