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From Imesh Gunaratne <>
Subject [Discuss] Defining Cloud Bursting Pattens in Application Policy
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2015 11:59:25 GMT
Hi Devs,

Shaheed raised an issue related to Application Policy definition where we
define an attribute called "activeByDefault" to mark the network partitions
which will be used for initially spawning application instances.

The concern was to either remove this attribute and only send the active by
default network partitions in the list, or to introduce a capability to
define an algorithm to traverse among network partitions. I think it would
be better to go with the second option for this purpose as it provides more
flexibility for the user. Here the algorithms should be implemented using
an interface and should be pluggable.

*Modification 1:*
If we do this I think we can change the application policy definition as

    "id": "application-policy-1",
            "key1" : "value1"
            "key2" : "value2"

The algorithm value ("one-after-another") to its class name mapping can be
done in autoscaler configuration file. If the algorithm class needs any
additional values those can be passed via the properties field.

*Modification 2:*
In addition to this we should be able to manage Application Policies in
global level. If so we can reuse Application Policies for different

*Modification 3:*
According to this model the application deployment API method would change
as follows:

Deploy Application API Method:
POST /api/applications/{application-id}/deploy/{application-policy-id}

UnDeploy Application API method:
POST /api/applications/{application-id}/undeploy

I'm +1 to incorporate these changes for the 4.1.0-beta developer preview.
Please review and add your thoughts.


Imesh Gunaratne

Technical Lead, WSO2
Committer & PMC Member, Apache Stratos

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