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From Lakmal Warusawithana <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Multi-Tenancy Support for Applications
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2015 06:15:58 GMT
IMO we can handle it without major refactor. We can have property in
application to define whether single tenant or MT. MT applications are only
create and deploy by Super tenant. If MT application deployed, we can
expose a API, to get subscribe info when signup to the MT application by

Further, we should store all subscribe info in SM. To generalize the
process, for the single tenant, we should call internal signup call with
subscribe info and store them in SM. Then we have single place store all
subscribe info and ADC can use it for artifact distribution.

On Sun, Jan 4, 2015 at 5:43 PM, Imesh Gunaratne <> wrote:

> Hi Devs,
> At present with service grouping functionality an application can have
> only one subscription. This subscription may include multiple subscribable
> information blocks for multiple cartridges.
> To support Multi-Tenant applications which may include Multi-Tenant
> cartridges we should be able to manage multiple subscriptions for each
> cartridge. Currently we do not have a concept of subscribing to
> applications.
> Shall we introduce a new artifact called Application Subscription and move
> subscribable information blocks from Application definition to it?
> Then the workflow may change as follows:
> - Add autoscaling policy
> - Add cartridges
> - Add groups
> - Add application
> - Deploy application
> - Subscribe to application:
> Thanks
> --
> Imesh Gunaratne
> Technical Lead, WSO2
> Committer & PMC Member, Apache Stratos

Lakmal Warusawithana
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Director - Cloud Architecture; WSO2 Inc.
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