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From "Martin Eppel (meppel)" <>
Subject RE: Global Deployment Policy for the Application
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2014 19:21:36 GMT
In 4.0 we had a min parameter in the partition definition (see example below, highlighted),
is it still supported in the new format ?

In 4.0:
    "id": "static-1-Core",
    "partitionGroup": {
        "id": "N1",
        "partition": [
                "id": "RegionOne-Core",
                "partitionMax": "1",
                "partitionMin": "1"
        "partitionAlgo": "one-after-another"

In 4.1
+ networkPartition[1..n]
                  + id
                  + partition[1..n]
                          + id
                          + max
                         ? + min ?

From: Martin Eppel (meppel)
Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2014 4:32 PM
Subject: RE: Global Deployment Policy for the Application

Hi Reka,

We also need an extra parameter for group deployment policies which defines if “children”
(or group member) should be collocated (or not), please see in the grouping specification
“these Children must be physically  next to each other”, not sure how this will expressed
in the application deployment policy. I would suggest a boolean expression as shown below,

+ childPolicies[1..n]
        + childId (Group alias or cartridge alias)

        + collocate //

        + networkPartition[1..n]
                  + id
                  + partition[1..n]
                          + id
                          + max



From: Reka Thirunavukkarasu []
Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2014 8:53 PM
To: dev
Subject: Global Deployment Policy for the Application

Hi all,

In grouping, as we are supporting deployment Policy in the group level or in the cluster level,
it would be easy if we have a single place to define all the deployment policy of children.
The advantages of defining global deployment policy as below:

- Same application can be deployed in HA or in burst manner using different deployment Policy.
       * will be starting actual VMs after deploying the deployment Policy rather than starting
it, once the application got deployed.
      * deployment Policy will be coupled with an application always.

- No need to define multiple deployment policy per cluster level or group level

- Validation can also happen in the single place
      * Each children's policy can be validated against the applicationPolicy whether relevant
partition/Network partition is already defined or not
     * Each leave cluster should have a deployment policy either inherit from one of the parent
group or define it by its own.

- Partition can also be defined in the Deployment Policy itself

Please find the proposed format for the deployment Policy for application as following:

+ id
+ applicationPolicy[1..1]
        + appId
        + networkPartition[1..n]
                  + id
                  + activeByDefault
                  + partition[1..n]
                          + id
                          + provider
                          + properties[1..n]
+ childPolicies[1..n]
        + childId (Group alias or cartridge alias)
        + networkPartition[1..n]
                  + id
                  + partition[1..n]
                          + id
                          + max

Please find the definition of new elements in the Deployment Policy as below:

applicationPolicy : will have definition of all the network partition and partition which
will be used throughout the application.

activeByDefault : If true means, that network partition will be used by default. If false,
means it can be used when all the resources are exhausted(in bursting)

childPolicies : Each child policy will refer the network partition and relevant partition
from applicationPolicy to define their own deployment pattern. Please note that, if you define
a childPolicy by referring to group, then underlying clusters/group will inherit the same

max: Maximum no of instances that can be handled by a partition.
         For group: max group instances can be in a partition
         For Cluster: max members that can be kept for a cluster instance in a partition.

FYI: A sample Policy is attached here with.

Please share your suggestions on this...


Reka Thirunavukkarasu
Senior Software Engineer,
WSO2, Inc.:,
Mobile: +94776442007<tel:%2B94776442007>

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