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From Udara Liyanage <>
Subject Re: Is there any problem with restarting/crashing Stratos?
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2014 10:00:52 GMT

Even CEP mark the instance as faulty, CC won't be able to kill it since it
does not have a reference to the instance.

On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 3:12 PM, Rajkumar Rajaratnam <>

> Hi Devs,
> Please be kind enough to explain me if I understood it wrong.
> Topology is updated after every member is created. Stratos can go
> down/crash after a member is created but before topology is updated. When
> we start the stratos again, AS reads the topology and populate the member
> lists. But topology doesn't have this member, so AS does not know about
> this member.
> With current logic CEP cannot identify this member as a faulty one,
> because member is not in the topology, so CEP will reject any events from
> this member.
> So this member is going to stay there in the IaaS.
> Is this a possible scenario?
> We can make CEP to identify this as a faulty member as below;
> If a member sends events to CEP and the member is not in the topology,
> then CEP can complain it as a faulty member. This solution can work if the
> member is sending events to CEP. There can be situation where cartridge
> agent can crash. Then it will not send any events to CEP, so CEP also
> doesn't know about this member.
> How can we solve this?
> Thanks.
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> Rajkumar Rajaratnam
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Udara Liyanage
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