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From "Martin Eppel (meppel)" <>
Subject composite application structure
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2014 22:13:58 GMT
Hi Isuru,

I was going over the application structure once more and wanted to confirm my complete understanding
of some of the application specific objects and fields (based on the reference json structure

·        "components":

o   is split in sections to assign the deployment, autoscaling policies for all the components
being used in application

o   components are groups and cartridges (subscribables)

·        "components"."groups":

o   defines the subscription information for all groups in an application
(meaning each group definition used in the application either defined as top level group or
directly or indirectly referencing a previously deployed group definitions (reusable))

o   defines top level groups ("on the fly groups"), which are specific to the application
and can only be used by application,

o   "components"."groups"."subGroups":

§  Only apply to top level groups

§  reference reusable group definitions or top level groups

o   any non-top level group would only define  "name" (as a pointer to group definition),
"alias", "deploymentPolicy" and "autoscalingPolicy" (but no "subGroups" or "subscribables")

·        "components" ."dependencies" (optional):

o   Only apply to top level groups

o   Can reference top level groups, reusable groups, cartridges

·        "components" ."subscribables":

o   lists all subscribales used in application and assign an alias

·        "subscribableInfo":

o   assigns the deployment, autoscaling policies to cartridges (subscription info)

application reference json:

  "applicationId": "test_app2",
  "alias": "myapp2",
  "components": {
    "groups": [
        "name": "group2",
        "alias": "group2alias",
        "deploymentPolicy": "group2deploymentPolicy",
        "autoscalingPolicy": "group2autoscalingPolicy",
        "subscribables": [

        "subGroups": []
    "subscribables": [

    "dependencies": {

  "subscribableInfo": [


Let me know if my understanding is still correct,



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