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From chris snow <>
Subject Re: Stratos and Kuburnetes and docker support.
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2014 07:20:51 GMT
On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 3:44 AM, Lakmal Warusawithana <> wrote:
> Hi devs,
> I did some research on $subject and IMO kurburnetes integration going to be
> worthwhile thing. Below is the possible way of integration and some
> benefits.
> Kuburnetes provide docker provisioning (orchestration), scheduling across
> docker host cluster, Self-healing mechanisms, such as auto-restarting,
> re-scheduling, and replicating containers. IMO we should used them without
> inventing the wheel. I was there in Linixcon and google heavily use this in
> large-scale. in current state they are creating 2 million new dockers weekly
> using kuburnetes.
> So, with kurburnetes we can handover docker management scheduler to
> kurburnetes without handling in autoscaler.  which mean we are not going to
> have deployment policies and partitions docker in stratos. Only there is
> auto scaling policy. But it will not change for VM based cartridges which
> currently has.
> We can extend jclouds for support kurburnetes, mean we may no need to used
> docker api, instead we need to have kurburnetes API.
> WIth docker, we are doing to have two mode, dockers top of VM and dockers
> top of bare-metal.(its simple version is dev env)
> Below is the initial design we can consider.
> need to have global docker registry for a stratos deployment
> cartridge definition should have a docker file attached related to the
> cartridge. e.g if PHP cartridge definition, should attached php docker file.
> IMO we should used same for any other type, like puppet, it should attached
> puppet module (location) and we can dynamically install this module into
> puppet master, which Raj and Lasindu suggest in separate thread. So this
> going to be generic, while deploying cartridge definition, we are expecting
> related docker, puppet, .etc files for that cartridge and dynamically setup.
> then we can build docker file and upload (push) image into global (for
> stratos) docker registry.

Will a Stratos docker images (e.g. php image) be immutable and not
have puppet agent installed inside the image?

> we can consider docker service is MT service in Stratos.
> above docker cartridges available for application deployment only after
> docker MT host cluster available in VM mode or generally after dynamically
> registering kuburnetese endpoint.
> In bare metal we can manually register kurburnetes end point.
> So in the VM mode, we can have cartridge definition for docker host cluster
> (IMO we can used coreOS+keburnetes) and can deploy as MT service. it can
> have min, max and auto scaling, deployment polices.
> With the MT service deployment, it will create docker host cluster. All
> monitoring and scaling will happen normal way.
> in MT docker host service up, it will dynamically  register kuburnetes
> endpoint for docker deployment
> After end point register, docker application deployment available for all
> pushed docker cartridges which in the global docker registry.
> In case of having multiple kuburnetes endpoint user can choose any available
> docker cluster while deployment docker applications. also user can define
> min max for his docker application while in the creation time and can change
> any time. Also can attached the auto scaling policy
> communicate to kuburnetes endpoint for orchestrate required dockers.
> Kuburnetes will take care of rest.
> update the topology with the member endpoints
> individual docker application can scale depending on assign auto scaling
> policy.
> In the bare-metal mode, without MT mode, we can just register kuburnetes end
> point and then same way to create dockers.
> This is initial though of design, please share your thought. Need to draw
> some pictures, will work on that. and IMO we should have a hangout session,
> badly need a white board for these kind of discussions
> thanks
> --
> Lakmal Warusawithana
> Vice President, Apache Stratos
> Director - Cloud Architecture; WSO2 Inc.
> Mobile : +94714289692
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