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From Shiroshica Kulatilake <>
Subject Introducing tenant isolation in policy/definition creation and usage
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2014 02:05:50 GMT
Hi Devs,

In the next release(4.1.0), Stratos will have the ability to;
- define policies and definitions per tenant space
- define quotas for policies/definitions as well as quotas for actual
application creation (known as subscription now)
- make use of these within the tenant space

This was initially mentioned in the email with the following subject.
"[Discuss] Role based access and functionality for Stratos" - the main
requirement is to provide isolation for the definitions and usage across

Through enabling this the following areas will get affected/updated in the
following manner.

*1. Tenant creation for Stratos Admin (super tenant admin) - needs to add
the quotas in the carbon console. *
- There will be a payload change
- The service needs to deal with the new values sent in the payload
- These need to be persisted - in the registry
- quota definition should be for each policy/definition type and also for
each service type

*2. Policy creation - cartridge/MT service definition *
- There will be no payload change - the tenant ID should be obtained from
the service side
- Storage will change in the registry - currently storage happens in the
form of /_system/governance/autoscaler/partitions/Policy_name where the
separation is done via types. A tenant level needs to be added just before
the actual policy level.
- Creation should also consider the policy/definition quotas - nice to have
would be to display on the UI how many more can be created

*3. Usage of created policies *
- each get request should only return a list of policies/definitions that
are within the tenant space through which the call comes from
- On subscription need to consider the quota when creating the actual
instance - either need to get a count of already created and check or
maintain a counter

*4. Migration - for existing Stratos which will be upgraded *
- all policies/definitions could be put into super tenant space - however
this would only make it possible to use these in super tenant space after
the upgrade - if there are policies / definitions that need to be used
within tenant spaces - we will have to write a generic script - possible to
have an intermediate table that would deal with the categorization and then
running migration script that would shift these to the new structures
within registry
- The quota's need to be set - for each type = current amount + additional
amount to grow into

Any thoughts, concerns ?

Thank you,

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