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From Udara Liyanage <>
Subject Keeping Duplicate config files
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2014 05:04:17 GMT

We have duplicates some product configurations files, one inside product
and one in stratos-installer. At the boot time (when is executed)
config files inside products will be replaced by the config files inside
Maintaining duplicate config files become an overhead when a parameter is
added to the config files in the product, it has to be added to the other
copy as well. Otherwise it may be missing at deployment time. This occurred
for expiryTimeout recently in autoscaler.xml

Possible solutions:
Replicate the changes as we do now,
Maintain only the config file in stratos-installer
or any other idea?


Udara Liyanage
Software Engineer
WSO2, Inc.:
lean. enterprise. middleware

phone: +94 71 443 6897

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