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From "Jeffrey Nguyen (jeffrngu)" <>
Subject Re: STRATOS-698 and issue with single private/public IPs in topology events
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2014 18:23:49 GMT
Thanks Manula and Udara.  I created STRATOS-704<>
to track the issue of topology events supporting only one public and one private Ips.

Currently, we're not using "publicNetworkUuid" for floating IP allocation.  It is rather allocated
based on the property named "defaultFloatingIpPool" in cloud-controller.xml (please refer
to STRATOS-646) (I believe this was also documented in Stratos wiki).   Ideally, I think we
want to allocate floating IP for each network interface based on the floating IP pool associated
with that network.   However, I think using single floating IP pool is good enough for now.
 So as far as this issue is concerned, you should not have to worry about "publicNetworkUuid".

BTW, the property "networkUuid" in the cartridge JSOn on the other hand is different from
"publicNetworkUuid".  "networkUuid" represents the uuid of a particular network interface
of the cartridge.  It is used to attach a network to a cartridge at launch.

I think for  STRATOS-698, what you need to do is instead of allocating floating IP only once,
do that as many times as the number of network interfaces defined for the given cartridge.

I looks like jClouds floating IP api does not provide the granularity of specifying which
network interface the floating IP is being allocated for.   So I'm not sure if allocating
floating IP against the same node multiple times will overwrite the previous floating Ip (for
the same network interface) or creating new floating IP for the next network interface.  Hopefully
it's the later case.

Your thoughts?


From: Udara Liyanage <<>>
Date: Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:03 AM
To: dev <<>>
Cc: jeffrngu <<>>
Subject: Re: STRATOS-698 and issue with single private/public IPs in topology events


What I understood from the jira is, you specify multiple network interfaces in cartridge json.
Additinaly you want to assign the floating IP to one of the interfaces you prefer. I guess
the uuid you have specified are the uuid of your openstack networks.
One thing I have noticed is, instance is not aware of the public IP it is assigned, Openstack
does the routing of floating IPs. The reason why I am saying is when I execute "ifconfig"
I did not see any interface got assigned a floating IP.

On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 12:30 PM, Manula Chathurika Thantriwatte <<>>
Hi Jeffrey,

Yes, currently I'm working on this JIRA. When going through stratos the code, I find out that
currently there is no implementations for the "publicNetworkUuid". So I'll try to find out
the implementation in the jclouds whether they support this functionality.

According to the current implementation topology events support only one private and one public
IP. Can you please create new JIRA for that.

We are planning to fix these issues in the release branch.

Thanks !

On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 9:35 PM, Jeffrey Nguyen (jeffrngu) <<>>
Hi Manula,

Looks like you're currently working on this JIRA.   Wanted to check with you if you're going
to fix the issue of topology events supporting only one private IP and one public IP.   I
think this issue is related to the floating IP issue described in this JIRA.   Are you going
to address this issue as well as part of the fix for this JIRA?

I think the fixes for these issues should go into the release branch.


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