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From Shiroshica Kulatilake <>
Subject [Wiki] Cartridge documentation improvements
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2014 07:39:35 GMT

Was going through the documentation regarding cartridges in Stratos and
thought the following suggestions might make it better.

1. Currently in the cartridge agent life cycle page, both the flow chart as
well as the detailed steps talk about initiation of a cartridge and putting
down a cartridge in the same diagram / text block. It might be good to
separate these two aspects - e.g. have two sub sections - one for the
creation and the other for the putting down part.

2. When the term life cycle stages is mentioned a state diagram which
indicates each of the states the cartridge can be in would be good IMO.


Thank you,

Shiroshica Kulatilake

WSO2, Inc.
Phone: +94 776523867

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