What is meant by Cartridge Artifact? I see php.tar.gz. I'm guessing this is an image. How do we know which IaaS is supported?

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We have been working on developing Apache Stratos Cartridge asset type on top of wso2es.

Few screen-shots of initial Cartridge store-back office is as below.

[Figure01: Cartrige Submitting]

​Cartridges can be submitted using above Cartridge store-back office form.
Once cartridges are submitted, provider and authorized parties can edit those cartridges and manage their lifecycles using UIs shown below.

Inline image 1
[Figure02: List of Submitted Cartridges]

​[Figure03: Overview of Selected Cartridge]

Inline image 2
​[Figure04: Life-cycle management]

Once the cartridge is accepted and published it can be accessed from Cartridge store-front office.

Inline image 3
​[Figure05: Apache Stratos Cartridge store front office]

Cartridge Store Asset module components for wso2es can be found at below link[01] along with installation guidelines. And apache stratos cartridge store configured on wso2es at below link[02]. Please consider that there are upcoming improvements for this Apache Stratos cartridge store.

[01] https://github.com/stratos-cartridge-store/cartridge-store-asset-type
[02] https://github.com/stratos-cartridge-store/wso2es-with-cartridge-store

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