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From chris snow <>
Subject Re: status of Stratos docker provider
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2014 17:42:14 GMT
Hi All,

The reason for my previous email asking if someone is working on a
Stratos Docker provider is because I have been using Stratos +
Openstack (devstack) + Docker for my development environment, but I
have found devstack to be very unreliable.

One option is for me to install Openstack from scratch, but
Openstack's Docker integration seems to be shifting from Nova to Heat
in Icehouse, so this exercise seems a bit pointless? [1]

Therefore, if someone is working on Stratos+Docker direct integration
or has ideas how this should proceed, then I'd be interested in
syncing up to see if there is anything that I can help with.

Many thanks,



On Sun, Jun 1, 2014 at 4:48 AM, chris snow <> wrote:
> Hi Devs,
> Is someone working on a Stratos docker provider?  What is the status
> of this work?
> Many thanks,
> Chris

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