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From chris snow <>
Subject wiki page for github pull requests
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2014 19:33:09 GMT
Hi Guys,

I think we need to add a new page to the WIKI for committers who want
to merge github pull requests into the apache git repository.

Where do you think the page should go?

Many thanks,


# These instructions assume that you have the apache git repo checked out

git checkout master
git remote add github
git fetch github # is this needed?
git fetch github pull/2/head:pr-2  # 2 is the PR number, pr-2 is a new
branch to create
git checkout pr-2

# push to apache git stratos repo master branch
git push origin pr-2:master

 # push to apache git stratos repo 4.0.0 branch
git push origin pr-2:4.0.0

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