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From Udara Liyanage <>
Subject Re: Doubts on the patch application process
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2014 12:00:24 GMT
On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Praneesha Chandrasiri <>

> Hi devs,
> Shall we provide answers to the following doubts mentioned by Chris in [1]?
> 1) Patches will need to be applied by both committers and non-committers?

Contributers who are not yet commiters can send patches which are applied
by commiters.  A non commiter can not apply a patch since he can not commit.

> 2) Are there different sorts of patches?
Can send a source patch (git diff or git format-patch)  or a pull request

> a) git diff patches containing source code changes (created as described
> in step 3 here [1])
> b) structured archive files containing meta data and code changes (created
> as described here [2])

> 3) Are there different reasons for a patch based on above?
> a) applying a third parties code changes to your own development tree
> b) applying pre-built packages containing binary files (e.g. jar files) to
> a stratos instance without having to touch source code
Stratos team might not provide binary patches. But someone can apply the
source patch, re build the patched code and get the binaries (Jars). The he
can apply the jars to the Stratos as a binary patch.
Create a folder with a patch number like patch10
Put the patched jars inside the patch10
copy the folder to the $STRATOS/repository/components/patches
Start Stratos again.

If any change is done to components/restendpoint/ then stratos.war should
be  patched

rm repository/deployment/web-apps/stratos
rm repository/deployment/web-apps/stratos.war
cp stratos.war repository/deployment/web-apps

> 4) Will the Stratos team be providing patches for released versions of
> Stratos (e.g. security fixes)?
5) If the Stratos team will be providing patches, where can those patches
> be found?
Issues will be fixed in the current working branches. I am afraid released
versions will be fixed. However anyone can backport a change to a released
version when it is fixed in master or current working branch.

> This is regarding the page added on the patch application in [2].
> [1]
> [2]
> --
> Thanks & Best Regards,
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> *Technical Writer*
> *WSO2 Inc. *
> *Mobile: +(94) 718156888 <%2B%2894%29%20718156888>*
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