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From Vinod Kamble <>
Subject networking features support for vcloud
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2014 04:32:08 GMT
In spinning VM on vcloud by stratos needs to satisfy following requirements for our use case:
1. VM can be associated with multiple org networks
2. We need to specify the NIC and its association with the org network
3. We need to specify the “fixed” ip address for each interface 
4. We need to specify the MAC address for each NIC

We are performing the above steps in launching VM instance on vcloud through python scripts,
which does following steps to meet the above needs: (This is not through stratos)
1. Vapp is launched in power of state from the corresponding vapptemplate
2. In the powered of state using rest apis we modify the network connection details of the
vapp template by specifying  the above information
3. Then the vapp is powered on.

On code investigation of stratos it looks like if we have to follow the steps as we are doing
in python scripts, then there are similar changes required in jclouds. As the current api
of jclouds starts vapp in power on state and then there is no scope to perform above modification.

Is this understanding correct?


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