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From Lahiru Sandaruwan <>
Subject Re: 4.0.0-RC2 Release Preparation Work
Date Sat, 03 May 2014 00:27:19 GMT
Great work Imesh,

On Fri, May 2, 2014 at 11:18 PM, Imesh Gunaratne <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> We have now updated the parent pom.xml file to package the DISCLAIMER file
> into all the maven artifacts.
> *DISCLAIMER files were not present in product packages:*
> I executed a new release build with this modification and the DISCLAIMER
> file in source root folder was properly packaged into all the jar files.
> However I found that it was not included in product packages. May be we
> need to update each product assembly configuration to do this. I will fix
> this.
> *Source packages were including target folders:*
> As described in other mail thread, I also noticed a different issue with
> the source packages. Each source package has included its target folder
> with all the content. As a result the size of the root source package was
> over 40 GB. Due to this large file size the mvn deploy command failed. I
> have now fixed this by upgrading the assembly plugin version.
> *Assembly ID was mandatory:*
> The cause of the target folder issue was the maven assembly plugin version
> (2.2-beta-2). Once it was updated to 2.2.1, the assembly id became
> mandatory. I have now fixed this in all product assembly definitions.
> *Issue in CLI package structure:*
> I'm now seeing a problem with the CLI package structure. Will investigate
> this further:
We can include this using assembly plugin as we do for LICENCE and NOTICE
files AFAIU.

> Thanks
> ‚Äč
> --
> Imesh Gunaratne
> Technical Lead, WSO2
> Committer & PPMC Member, Apache Stratos

Lahiru Sandaruwan
Committer and PPMC member, Apache Stratos(incubating),
Senior Software Engineer,
WSO2 Inc.,

email: cell: (+94) 773 325 954

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