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From Dmitry Sotnikov <>
Subject Forming cartridge ecosystem
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2014 00:21:57 GMT

I suggest that we start reaching out to various teams producing application
servers and databases and help them create Apache Stratos cartridges and
promote them.

For that, we need to have a good list of things that we provide to these
partner teams - so partners understand what they get.

My guess is that they would mostly benefit from technical help creating the
cartridges and from co-marketing their efforts.

Technical is pretty straight-forward: they can use documentation
our help, right?

>From co-marketing perspective, can we add a section on the website with
cartridge catalog and also have the latest cartridges and news about them
promoted on the front page of Apache Stratos?

Obviously we can promote with all the social media channels that we have.

What else do we have in terms of promoting cartridges?

There is no Stratos blog or Stratos newsletter, are there? Are there plans
to start these?

We can invite them to public hangouts, right?

And they can contribute session submissions to ApacheCon...

Anything else they will get from participating?

I think once we finalize the list of gives, we can create the text we can
start sending out, and then have a list of the teams we reach out to -
between us all here we will probably always have someone who knows someone
in these potential partner teams.


Dmitry Sotnikov
VP of Cloud; WSO2, Inc.;
email:; cell: +1.949.303.9653; Skype: DSotnikov
Lean . Enterprise . Middleware


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