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From Pradeep Fernando <>
Subject Refactoring Stratos Service/Client-stub
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2014 05:46:40 GMT

During my effort to run stratos on a single JVM i encountered this issue.
Due to legacy reasons we have used same package name in both server side
and client-stub side. Hence when running on single JVM, things not working.

One option is to create different package structure for client-stubs.
(correct way to do it).

I'm trying to understand the proplem here.

the Cloud Controller exposed the service.
Autoscalar use that web-service (the generated packages are in a different
pacakge structure)

So why we generated code with package names with similar names. I still
dont get it. :)

Other day, i heard that it will eliminate the data type conversions. Can
you please give me an example. In that case, we may have to create a common
beans package.


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