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From chris snow <>
Subject puppet install wiki questions
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2014 20:14:25 GMT
I have a few questions with the puppet setup page [1].

Step 5c

wiki says> Navigate to the <incubator-stratos>/tools/puppet3/ directory.
wiki says> cd incubator-stratos/tools/puppet3/

4.0.0-incubating-m7 and master>  have a 'puppet' folder, not 'puppet3'

Step 5d

wiki says> ls incubator-stratos/tools/puppet3/
wiki says> The output should be as follows:
wiki says> auth.conf  autosign.conf  fileserver.conf   manifests
modules  puppet.conf

4.0.0-incubating-m7 and master> vagrant@paas:~/incubator-stratos$ ls
4.0.0-incubating-m7 and master> agent  etc  manifests  modules  templates

Step 6f

wiki says> ls  modules/
wiki says> The output should be as follows:
wiki says> agent  autoscaler  cc  cep  java  lb  manager
messagebroker  mysql  nodejs  php  ruby  tomcat  wordpress

4.0.0-incubating-m7 and master> apt  commons  java

Step 9

this step assumes Oracle JDK - how do I change this to use my OpenJDK
installed using apt-get?

Step 10

wiki says> Copy the Cartridge Agent distribution to the ...

Where do I find the cartridge agent?


If it helps, my vagrant Stratos setup script is here:

Many thanks,



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