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From chris snow <>
Subject 4.0.0 cartridge wiki questions
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2014 18:17:55 GMT
I'm trying to follow the instructions for creating a cartridge [1].

It would be good if there was a little more information on cartridges
and how they are used by stratos, for example:

Am I right in thinking we need to create a cartridge for every service
we want to be managed by stratos (such as a PHP service)?  What does
the cartridge run in, is it a cloud compute instance?  How does
stratos communicate with the cartridge?  Can I run more that one
service in a single cartridge (e.g. PHP + Mysql)?  Can I run more than
one cartridge in a compute instance?

Also, are the wiki instructions assuming that the user has started a
Ubuntu 12.04 instance in a compute service such as AWS, Openstack or
Cloudstack, and that the instructions are being run in that instance?

Many thanks,



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