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From Sathyasuriya Priya <>
Subject GSOC2014 query
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2014 11:00:20 GMT
Dear Stratos developers,

I am Suriyapriya Veluchamy, currently an MS CS student at NPU, Fremont, CA,
I am interested in the GSOC project listed in jira - adding support for
Google Compute Engine.

I had a few clarifications after going through Stratos documentation and
codebase, in the last couple of days.

I see that Cloud Controller is the component that directly interacts with
laases. Rest of the components are lass agnostic (mostly?).
I also see that jclouds is adding support for GCE -
Not sure on the working status of the support. If somebody could brief on
this, that would be helpful.
Since stratos uses jclouds, it should have support for GCE ? (may be not
all features may work)

My question is about the scope of the project. Does it involve working with
jcloud team as well to get the required support ?
Or stratos will directly use the GCE apis to get the required support.

I would like to measure the complexity of the work. Do you expect it to be
more of integration with jclouds GCE support + fixing bugs + testing in
Or would it be more full-fledged development needed to get the things

I also see large scale testing as one of the goals. I haven't thought about
it in detail. But, any suggestions on how much percent of total work would
this item cover (may be 25-40%)?

Please let me know if I am not clear in any of the questions.

Thank you

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