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From Isuru Haththotuwa <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Handling Repository Updates to Synchronize Artifacts
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 16:00:07 GMT
Hi Devs,

This is to discuss $subject.

One approach is to use a git hook configured in the repository as an
eventing mechanism [1]. Here, when the repository receives an git push, an
event will be fired and we can use this to get notifications that there is
an update. Currently, user interaction with Stratos is done through a Rest
API. We can use the same mechanism to receive events from the repository.
However, in this approach we would need to handle how to authenticate the
event which is received from the external repository.

Another approach is to use a task in the cartridge agent itself to run
periodically and check for updates in the git repository. This approach is
much simpler.



Thanks and Regards,

Isuru H.
+94 716 358 048* <>*

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