Thanks for the answers, Nirmal.

Where can I find the pre-setup virtual machine images and puppet scripts for Stratos?  

On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 1:52 AM, Nirmal Fernando <> wrote:

Chris, answers in line.

On Dec 17, 2013 1:55 AM, "chris snow" <> wrote:
> In the developer guide, there is a section "How does Apache Stratos (Incubating) work?" where I describe a high level overview of a typical workflow.
> In the next section (heading title: "Where can I try or see this workflow in action?"), I would like to give the reader hands on experience of the typical workflow.
> Question 1) Which of the following options are currently available for Stratos?
> Live Demo Service
> Pre-setup Virtual Machine Images

> Puppet/Chef scripts to setup a local demo environment

> Recorded webinar of the typical functionality
Probably after the release.
> Screenshots of the functionality
Good thought... again should do after the release.

> Instructions for manual setup of local demo environment
If I'm not mistaken, someone already started to build this.

> I know the last option (6 - manual setup) is available, but that is a big investment of time, and would probably put of a lot of potential developers.
> Question 2) Is it worth creating JIRA tickets for the options: 1 (creating a demo stratos environment), 2 (creating stratos VMs), and 3 (creating stratos setup scripts) so that users/developers have a quicker way of playing with stratos?
Yes, please do if they are not already there.

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