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From Isuru Haththotuwa <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] [Milestone] [M5] Next Milestone Plan
Date Tue, 24 Dec 2013 06:58:02 GMT
Hi all,

On Tue, Dec 24, 2013 at 12:16 PM, Imesh Gunaratne <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Thanks for your valuable contributions for 4.0.0-M5 milestone.
> Now there are only three more tasks/issues remaining [1] to mark this
> milestone:
>  Issue Type Key Summary Task STRATOS-225 Test Rest API Functionality TaskSTRATOS-277Provide
operation for deployServiceBugSTRATOS-322Cloud Controller StartInstance() Method is Not Atomic
> It would be great if you could update this thread once your work is
> completed.

I have marked STRATOS-225 as resolved and updated STRATOS-277, which will
be fixed in Alpha.

> [1]
> Many Thanks
> Imesh
> On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 9:50 AM, Imesh Gunaratne <> wrote:
>> No problem, thanks for the update!
>> On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 9:35 PM, Nirmal Fernando <>wrote:
>>> Hi Imesh,
>>> I've created few jiras for the things I've implemented last couple of
>>> weeks, and resolved them.  Sorry, that I couldn't get a chance to create
>>> them earlier.
>>> On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 9:47 AM, Imesh Gunaratne <>wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> The following tasks are now planned for the next milestone 4.0.0-M5 [1]:
>>>> *Tasks Unresolved*
>>>> *Issue Type* *Key* *Summary* Bug STRATOS-229 Autoscaler component
>>>> shouldn't bundle drools into the autoscaler jar but the feature New
>>>> Feature STRATOS-252 Cartridge deployment API in Cloud ControllerImprovementSTRATOS-88Make
all the scripts version independentSub-taskSTRATOS-109STRATOS-97 Support Domain Mappings for
Cartridge SubscriptionsSub-taskSTRATOS-119STRATOS-138 HA and scaling support for the instances
using Region and ZoneSub-taskSTRATOS-120STRATOS-138 Support to define various transports from
the cartridge
>>>> definition Sub-task STRATOS-124 STRATOS-138 Remove ProxyPort and
>>>> deploymnet from cartridge definition Sub-task STRATOS-125 STRATOS-138
>>>> Clean up features from Cloud controller Sub-task STRATOS-139STRATOS-138 Support
for LB as a serviceSub-taskSTRATOS-166STRATOS-138 Registry persitance for Topology in CCSub-taskSTRATOS-178STRATOS-138
Supoort for attaching cinder volumes to the cartridgesSub-taskSTRATOS-180STRATOS-138 Support
to define multiple networks for cartridgesImprovementSTRATOS-188Removing redundant variables
in topology cluster modelSub-taskSTRATOS-190STRATOS-138 Cloud Controller send TopologyEventMessage
without ip addressBugSTRATOS-209Autoscaler throwing exceptions when unsubscribe from a cartridgeBugSTRATOS-210Error
while starting Autoscaler with the default policy: economyPolicyBugSTRATOS-217If .git extension
is not provided for repo URL, subscription failsTaskSTRATOS-225Test Rest API FunctionalityTaskSTRATOS-226Support
Cartridge Definition Deploying through Rest APITaskSTRATOS-228Puppet based cartridge creation
/ deploymentSub-taskSTRATOS-231STRATOS-97 Load Balancer State ReplicatorImprovementSTRATOS-248Add
a flag to control commits from nodesBugSTRATOS-251NPE in TopicPublisher when there are no
headersImprovementSTRATOS-265Element name "admin" need to be renamed to a more specific value
>>>> tenantInfo JSON payload Improvement STRATOS-268 Rename DepSync topic
>>>> to "Instance notifier" Bug STRATOS-273 provide facitlity to provide
>>>> Deployment policy in Stratos CLI Task STRATOS-279 Implement Topology
>>>> Event Processor for SM New Feature STRATOS-280 Create the initial
>>>> HTMLs for the cartridge management web application Sub-task STRATOS-137STRATOS-134
Remove Stratos agent related code from the Stratos componetsBugSTRATOS-162maxInstanceLimit
parameter is not updated after hot deployment
>>>> *Tasks Completed*
>>>> *Issue Type* *Key* *Summary* Bug STRATOS-249 Re terminating the member
>>>> fault instances which are already terminated Sub-task STRATOS-123STRATOS-97
Implement Support for Multi-TenancySub-taskSTRATOS-126STRATOS-155 Implement Events for Publishing
Tenant InformationSub-taskSTRATOS-131STRATOS-129 Define an Abstraction for Cartridge Subscription
in Stratos
>>>> Manager Sub-task STRATOS-157 STRATOS-100 Remove Obsolete Component
>>>> Mediator.Autoscaler Sub-task STRATOS-163 STRATOS-155 Introduce a
>>>> Message Processor Chain Model and Extract Generic Functionality in Topology
>>>> Event Message Delegator Sub-task STRATOS-208 STRATOS-97 Support
>>>> Dedicated Load Balancing for Services Sub-task STRATOS-212 STRATOS-100
>>>> Policy files are placed inside wrong folder Sub-task STRATOS-243STRATOS-136
Update Stratos Installer to support Stratos ManagerSub-taskSTRATOS-244STRATOS-100 Fault member
handlingSub-taskSTRATOS-254STRATOS-136 Update Stratos Installer to support Load BalancerSub-taskSTRATOS-255STRATOS-136
Update Stratos Installer to support Auto-ScalerSub-taskSTRATOS-259STRATOS-129 Publish Tenant
Event Messages from Stratos Manager to Tenant
>>>> Topic Task STRATOS-262 Add Support to Give Deployment Policy at
>>>> Subscription in SM Sub-task STRATOS-264 STRATOS-97 Create Load
>>>> Balancer Cartridge Scripts New Feature STRATOS-267 Provide an
>>>> operation to deploy services for super tenant Sub-task STRATOS-269STRATOS-97
Add Partition ID to Load Balancer Statistics Published to CEPBugSTRATOS-272A new service is
created even service already exist
>>>> Please update this thread once tasks are resolved. Once everything is
>>>> ready we could mark M5.
>>>> [1]
>>>> Many Thanks
>>>>  Imesh
>>> --
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Nirmal
>>> Nirmal Fernando.
>>> PPMC Member & Committer of Apache Stratos,
>>> Senior Software Engineer, WSO2 Inc.
>>> Blog:

Thanks and Regards,

Isuru H.
Software Engineer, WSO2 Inc.
+94 716 358 048* <>*

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