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From Kishanthan Thangarajah <>
Subject Re: [New Architecture] [LB] Multi-Tenancy Support - Proposal
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2013 04:48:54 GMT
On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 3:16 PM, Imesh Gunaratne <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Today we had an offline discussion on Multi-Tenancy support in Apache
> Stratos (incubating) version 4.0.0 with Lakmal and Reka. Please find the
> summary of the discussion below.
> *Background*
> - Multi-tenant cartridges could be partitioned into clusters by defining
> tenant ranges for each cluster.
>   Example: (Cluster 1 - Tenant Range: 1-100, Cluster 2 - Tenant Range:
> 101-200, Cluster 3: Tenant Range: 201-*)
> - Each tenant needs to define an id and a domain name.
> *The Challenges*
> C1. One of the major challenges when implementing Multi-Tenancy support in
> a PaaS is that having a common mechanism to identify the tenant from the
> incoming request. Different applications could use different approaches.
> C2. The next challenge in Stratos is that sending tenant information
> (tenant id and tenant domain name of a given subscription) from Stratos
> Manager to Load Balancers.
> *The Proposal for C1*
> The idea is to identify the tenant either using tenant id or tenant domain
> name. Here the tenant domain name represents the domain name used to
> subscribe to a Multi-Tenant cartridge. The following templates illustrates
> how an application could send tenant identifier in an URL.
> *Template using Tenant ID:*
> <protocol>://<host-name>:<port>/<path>?<tenant-id-identifier>=<value>
> Example:
> *Template using Tenant Domain Name:*
> <protocol>://<host-name>:<port>/<path>?<tenant-domain-identifier>=<value>
> Example:

>From LB point of view, we can use both of the above.
But from a user perspective (user friendliness), isn't it better to go with
tenant domain as the identifier?

> In the above examples the tenant id and tenant domain name identifiers are
> defined as "tenantId" and "tenantDomain". However we could make this
> configurable, so that those could be changed for a given Stratos
> environment or Multi-Tenant cartridge.
> *The Proposal for C2:*
> Currently load balancers receive this information using a common database
> which I think is not a scalable option.
> Tenant information could be published to a message broker topic and the
> load balancers could subscribe to this topic to retrieve the information.
> Using this approach we could preserve the loosely coupled nature of the
> load balancer.
> Please feel free to add your thoughts.
> Many Thanks
> Imesh

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