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From Nirmal Fernando <>
Subject Re: [New Architecture] [LB] Multi-Tenancy Support - Proposal
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2013 03:27:47 GMT
On Oct 24, 2013 3:17 PM, "Imesh Gunaratne" <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Today we had an offline discussion on Multi-Tenancy support in Apache
Stratos (incubating) version 4.0.0 with Lakmal and Reka. Please find the
summary of the discussion below.
> Background
> - Multi-tenant cartridges could be partitioned into clusters by defining
tenant ranges for each cluster.
>   Example: (Cluster 1 - Tenant Range: 1-100, Cluster 2 - Tenant Range:
101-200, Cluster 3: Tenant Range: 201-*)
> - Each tenant needs to define an id and a domain name.
> The Challenges
> C1. One of the major challenges when implementing Multi-Tenancy support
in a PaaS is that having a common mechanism to identify the tenant from the
incoming request. Different applications could use different approaches.
> C2. The next challenge in Stratos is that sending tenant information
(tenant id and tenant domain name of a given subscription) from Stratos
Manager to Load Balancers.
> The Proposal for C1
> The idea is to identify the tenant either using tenant id or tenant
domain name. Here the tenant domain name represents the domain name used to
subscribe to a Multi-Tenant cartridge. The following templates illustrates
how an application could send tenant identifier in an URL.
> Template using Tenant ID:
This bit of information will not be exposed to clients. So, I wonder there
will be any use-case?!
> <protocol>://<host-name>:<port>/<path>?<tenant-id-identifier>=<value>
> Example:
> Template using Tenant Domain Name:
> <protocol>://<host-name>:<port>/<path>?<tenant-domain-identifier>=<value>
> Example:

Is there any reason for changing current url template? And I don't think
multi-tenant environments can use such a pattern since AFAIK each tenant
should have its own context.

> In the above examples the tenant id and tenant domain name identifiers
are defined as "tenantId" and "tenantDomain". However we could make this
configurable, so that those could be changed for a given Stratos
environment or Multi-Tenant cartridge.
> The Proposal for C2:
> Currently load balancers receive this information using a common database
which I think is not a scalable option.
> Tenant information could be published to a message broker topic and the
load balancers could subscribe to this topic to retrieve the information.
Using this approach we could preserve the loosely coupled nature of the
load balancer.
We have to think in terms 100s/1000s of tenants. Would this approach scale
to that level? Caz we need to publish tenant info of all the tenants
periodically too.

> Please feel free to add your thoughts.
> Many Thanks
> Imesh

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