Hi All,

I originally posted the Aurora incubation proposal (which we'll put up for a vote soon once our code goes online), and I noticed that it was briefly discussed on this list a few weeks ago. I'm also an Apache Mesos committer, and just now learning about Stratos.

There's a lot of interest in the Mesos community for running a PaaS on top of Mesos, so I'd like to understand Stratos more and whether it makes sense for a collaboration between the projects. It's currently unclear what's most-interesting to each project, but my initial read is that for Stratos, the Aurora scheduler may seem like something you could use. For Mesos, the container abstraction you've developed as part of Stratos could potentially run as a Mesos executer (there's currently something similar under development to run Docker containers).

Could a few core committers from each project sync in the next week to flush out these ideas, and report back to the list?