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From Paul Fremantle <>
Subject Re: Scope of work to add Rackspace support to Stratos
Date Sun, 15 Sep 2013 16:15:27 GMT

It all looks fine. I don't think you've missed anything. To get the payload
over, it should be easy to access it as an HTTP resource with say a GET
from the cartridge. You can deploy JAX-RS services into the stratos
controller, so it would be easy to add the server side part.


On 12 September 2013 18:27, Everett Toews <>wrote:

> Hi All,
> I had a great chat with Nirmal on IRC today. I got a good feel for what it
> will take to add Rackspace support to Stratos. Here are the work items and
> stumbling blocks we identified.
> 1. Get Stratos code and IDE setup (Done).
> 2. Learn how to deploy Stratos as a user.
> 3. Learn how to deploy Stratos as a developer from an IDE to test changes
> to the Cloud Controller (CC).
> 4. Create a Cartridge (i.e. an Image) [1] for Rackspace.
> Intermediate stumbling block here is that Rackspace doesn't support
> customized public images but it does support customized private images.
> That means we'll have to provide a guide for users to create an Image that
> will work with Stratos. FYI, Rackspace users can't share images but a user
> can share an images with it's sub-users.
> Cartridge creation could be eased by use of Rackspace Deployments [2] but
> it would take time to get up to speed on that too.
> 5. Implement a RackspaceIaas by extending
> Minor stumbling block here is that Rackspace doesn't have floating/elastic
> IPs. Not really a big deal. Picking up the auto assigned public IP after
> the instance has started will suffice. Iaas.associateAddress() will need to
> return an empty String.
> 6. Get the Stratos payload into the Cartridge instance.
> Major stumbling block here is that Rackspace doesn't support cloud-init
> like functionality. Servers can be created with something similar known as
> Personality [3] but it's pretty limited.
> We could hack something together so that the Image has a script that
> expects a URL (or some other data) in the Personality file that directs it
> to download the payload from the CC. This means something would have to be
> built into the CC to allow this download of the payload file.
> This was just our initial stab at the problem. Suggestions or alternatives
> are welcome.
> 7. Security
> Rackspace supports key pairs so that's okay.
> Intermediate stumbling block here is that Rackspace doesn't support
> security groups. We might have to lock down the machines manually with
> iptables or something. Here's the list of ports that Stratos uses [4].
> 8. Documentation.
> User and developer documentation
> 9. Examples.
> Examples on how to use it.
> Can anyone see anything we've missed?
> Are there any assumptions hidden in here?
> As the Rackspace cloud evolves, some of these pain points will go away.
> But for now, this is what we have to deal with.
> Thanks,
> Everett
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

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