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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Building stdcxx-4.2.1 Using MinGW+MSYS On Windows XP (SP2)
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2008 00:21:04 GMT
Farid Zaripov wrote:
>> Although it probably shouldn't be called liblibstd, should it?
>> What's with the duplicate "lib" part?
>   I think you should know, that the library file located in lib subdirectory ;)
>   I suppose that there missed '/' after the first 'lib': /stdcxx-4.2.2/build/lib/libstd.a
>   And what I don't like is that when BUILDTYPE is not specified, the name of library
file is always
> libstd.{a;so} for any possible BUILDMODE values (even for empty BUILDMODE). The comments
> in GNUMakefile says that BUILDTYPE and BUILDMODE both are optional and by default will
> used 11s, but this is not true...

We should fix the text. When you don't specify either you get neither
debugging (i.e., no -g) nor optimization (i.e., no -O). I.e., you get
whatever the default invocation of the compiler gives you with no


> Farid.

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