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From "Steve Petrie, P.Eng." <>
Subject Re: Building stdcxx-4.2.1 Using MinGW+MSYS On Windows XP (SP2)
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2008 16:55:45 GMT
Hi Farid,

Thanks for your response -- excellent news!

Please feel free to delete, from the stdcxx-user Nabble forum, my two latest 

   Steve Petrie Nov 26, 2008; 01:11am
    Steve Petrie Nov 26, 2008; 12:27am

As they relate to further work I did on stdcxx-4.2.1, following up on 
Martin's suggestions, before I received your email.

* * *
* * *

I will proceed to get stdcxx-4.2.2, apply the MinGW patch, and post  the 
results I get from a build, on the stdcxx-user Nabble forum.


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From: "Farid Zaripov" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 7:18 AM
Subject: RE: Building stdcxx-4.2.1 Using MinGW+MSYS On Windows XP (SP2)

Hi Steve.

> I am trying to build stdcxx-4.2.1 on Windows XP (SP2), using the
> MinGW(3.4.5) + MSYS(1.0.10) + (with gcc, g++, etc.)
> operating environment.

  The 4.2.1 version of the stdcxx isn't ported to MinGW.

  You need to get (yet unreleased) 4.2.2 version from svn, i.e.:

  svn co stdcxx-4.2.2

  Then apply this patch:


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