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From "Nadine Faizant" <>
Subject Re: error LNK2005 : VC8
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 11:15:25 GMT
Thanks, Martin.

I have search for deque instanciation... there is no deque in source file and include for

I tried dumpbin as you suggest.

I find in graph library the source file that use deque objet.

I have used dumpbin on this obj file and I find this... which is suspect for me (there is
seceral deque export !), two examples :


This file should not export this object, isn't it ?

In homoSyntagmaticConstraints.obj there is no /EXPORT symbols...

Could you say me please if I'm wrong. I need to export class A from graph lib in order to
be use in other dll.

So, in graph lib I have a Class A which inherits of deque that I have declare as

Class DLLExportGraph : public B, public std::deque<C>

where DLLExportGraph is defined as 

#define DLLExportGraph _declspec (dllexport)


#define DLLExportGraph _declspec (dllimport)


I know this is the correct syntax for non template class, perhaps there is something different
for template classes ?

    Thanks for your help,


PS : output file are so big (either compressed !) if you really need them I will send you

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From: "Martin Sebor" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 7:16 PM
Subject: Re: error LNK2005 : VC8

> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> Nadine Faizant wrote:
>>>    No is is a debug dynamic link (that the reason why I need a .lib 
>>> file...)
>> So Graph.lib is an archive library that uses/links with stdcxx,
>> correct? Does Graph.lib link against the stdcxx DLL or archive?
>> (The latter could be a likely cause of the problem.)
> Okay, Graph is a DLL that uses the same stdcxx DLL as the DLL that
> gives the errors (SyntacticAnalysis.dll).
> Since the error is issued for a couple of third party libraries
> (i.e., not stdcxx) I suspect it's a usage problem as opposed to
> one with stdcxx itself. Does either of the object files mentioned
> in the error message by any chance explicitly instantiate deque?
> I think you'll need to some some digging into the object files
> (using dumpbin) to figure how the conflicting symbols are
> defined (they're all inline functions so it's puzzling that they
> should cause conflicts; we don't normally do 15d builds during
> our testing so you might want to try a 12d build instead -- that
> should optimize away inline functions). I would look for other
> inline member functions of class templates to see whether there
> is any difference. I'm in the process of moving my office so I
> won't be able to look into this in more detail until I'm done.
> Martin
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