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From "Geoffrey Winn" <>
Subject Re: Problem building Tuscany SDO with stdcxx on Linux
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:45:51 GMT
On 30/10/06, Martin Sebor <> wrote:
> Geoffrey Winn wrote:
> > On 17/10/06, Martin Sebor <> wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> I think we'll need a test case to figure out what's going on.
> >> (Does the SDO library execute any code at startup?) It would
> >> help to reduce it as much as possible by eliminating as many
> >> dependencies as you can.
> >>
> >> Martin
> >>
> >
> >
> > Well one thing I could do is help you set up a Tuscany SDO build
> > environment. It's fairly straightforward and then you could see the
> problem
> > for yourself. The test program can be trivial - and I'll supply it. It
> > should take about 15 mins to set it up. Let me know if that is any use.
> Sorry for the delayed response -- I just got back from a two week
> trip. I expect to need to spend the next few days catching up on
> email and other things but if setting up Tuscany isn't too involved
> I might be able to look into it sometime in the relatively near
> future (late this week or early next week).
> Martin

No problem with the response - it gave me time to do a little work on this
myself. Anyway

1. Tuscany SDO should be easy to set up - and if it isn't I need to know
that so I can fix it. Let me know when/if you have some time and I'll send
the instructions.

2. I tried exploring this problem with a trivial hello world example, as

#include <iostream>
#include "commonj/sdo/SDO.h"

using namespace std;
using namespace commonj::sdo;

int main()
  cout << "Hello World.Start.\n";

#ifdef SDO
  DataFactoryPtr mdg;
  mdg  = DataFactory::getDataFactory();

  cout << "Hello World.End.\n";

If I compile without defining SDO and link with stdcxx it works fine (no
surprise). If I define SDO then I have to link with the SDO library as well
and that works too. This pretty strongly hints that I'm still not getting
the Tuscany build modified correctly. I am building the example above with a
trivial shell script, however the Tuscany build is a much more complicated
collection of autoconf/automake/etc scripts. Obviously I would welcome you
trying out a Tuscany build however I'm going to take another look at the way
the SDO test programs are built because that seems to be the most likely
suspect at the moment.



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