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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Problem running stdcxx tests on Linux
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 15:46:18 GMT
Geoffrey Winn wrote:
> Thank you both for that quick reply. I'm really trying to establish that I
> have a sound stdcxx build, installation and so forth. I'm not worried about
> some bugs in the code - especially if you already know about them :-)
> What concerned me in this case was the appearance that _all_ the tests had
> failed totally which suggested that something much more basic had gone 
> wrong
> eg I had never built the library correctly in the first place.

I understand, it would worry me too. I would suggest giving
the examples a try instead of the tests, they should all be
fine and should give you at least some degree of confidence
in the build. Again, feel free to ask if you see any issues.


> I'll move on to the Linux version of SDO now.
> Thanks again.
> Geoff.
> On 22/09/06, Martin Sebor <> wrote:
>> Geoffrey Winn wrote:
>> > I've built optimised and debug versions of stdcxx on Linux and I've
>> > built the tests as described in Section 7 of the README. However, I'm
>> > having trouble working out whether they worked or not. There were no
>> > obvious errors before I did the gmake run to execute the tests. The run
>> > produces the results below. (I've attached a file with the results 
>> in as
>> > well in case that preserves the formatting a little better.)
>> >
>> > My main question is what happened? It looks like all the tests failed,
>> > but there are no error messages. Is there a log file somewhere that I
>> > could look at?
>> The problem is that the test driver is incompatible with the test
>> harness in that release (the harness passes in the wrong options),
>> and the tests fail with the status of 1 because of it. You can run
>> each test by hand instead, or you can apply the following patch., it
>> should fix it:
>> Btw., I think I might have already mentioned in a previous post,
>> the stdcxx test suite was (and still is) being migrated from the
>> Rogue Wave test driver and harness and not all tests are fully
>> stable on all platforms (although gcc/Linux should be pretty clean).
>> Failures may indicate known problems in the library (for which we
>> have issues in Jira), problems in the tests themselves, or even
>> in the compiler or the OS. If you're concerned about any test or
>> failure in particular let us know, we'll be happy to explain it.
>> Martin

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