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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: What is the meaning of the various Visual Studio configurations
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 14:54:18 GMT
Greetings Geoffrey

Your analysis of the available configuration specifications within the 
STDCXX solutions is correct.  The leading numbers in the configurations 
are relics of the configuration codes used within RogueWave.  12d builds 
are compiled using the /MD switch, and 15d builds are compiled using the 
/MDd switch.

It is worth noting that several other compiler switches are used with 
non-default values.  I do not remember what these switches and values 
are off the top of my head, but you can look at the configuration 
options for the library and examples or tests to determine what they 
are.  I do not have sufficient experience with the MSVC compiler to know 
which switches need to be set for libraries/executables using a library 
compiled with them, and which do not.  In the worst case, it may be 
necessary to alter which switches Tuscany is compiled with.

--Andrew Black

Geoffrey Winn wrote:
> As covered in a previous note, I'm building stdcxx in order to use it as 
> the
> standard C++ library in Tuscany SDO. Looking at the Configuration Manager
> pane I cane see 8 different configuration options ie
> 11d Debug Dll
> 11s Debug Static
> 12d Optimized Thread-safe Dll
> 12s Optimized Thread-safe Static
> 15d Debug Thread-safe Dll
> 15s Debug Thread-safe Static
> 8d Optimized Dll
> 8s Optimized Static
> When we build SDO with the Microsoft library we use either "Multi-threaded
> DLL" (/MD) or "Multi-threaded Debug DLL" (/MDd). Which of the stdcxx
> configurations correspond to those two. My guess would be to use
> "12d Optimized Thread-safe Dll" to replace "Multi-threaded DLL" and
> "15d Debug Thread-safe Dll" to replace "Multi-threaded Debug DLL"
> Regards,
> Geoff.

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